Broker Suggestions

Just a few suggestions for the forum. Been a member for a long time and have contributed where possible with deals and responses. This is not directed to the brokers that truly do what leasehacker community was all about. Representing all fees, residuals, and everything detailed. To the ones that do thank you, and seeing your posts made me trust a little too blindly on my recent broker experience.

@littleviolette @michael and others we should not allow brokers that use tactics that are remniscent of dealership tactics to continue operating that way. The purpose of this community was to bring transparency and make it easier for members to obtain good deals and proper treatment from brokers that make a living on this site. If they cannot post spreadsheets they should detail things in their responses instead of giving all in pricing and trying to skim off the top. We should not allow them to masquender their fees and slick talking so they charge exorbiant fees like 1100 for a Highlander and promise things and then once they get the money they move on to offering other things without consideration for peoples time.Promising someone they can conduct a seamless transaction to return the car and then renege on on it is an error in my belief and not truly transparent. Claiming to try to fix via other steps where me as a consumer have to fix is not the deal. I understand this broker contributes but i believe the system should work both ways with some checks and balances. That is my opinion.

Reading through the back and forth between that was posted, with only limited excerpts from the conversations posted, it looks like the pricing you were quoted has honored and steps to accomodate delivery and lease return after choosing a different vehicle at a different dealer were taken.

If the pricing was what was disclosed, worrying about who gets what seems odd to me. If the holistic price made sense and was fully disclosed, what’s the problem?

If you feel there are marketplace guidelines that have been violated, please point those out. The guidelines are posted for all to see.


Thank you for responding and greatly appreciated. What you state is not correct and would need to look at the whole chat history, which I have no problem sharing. However, this is not a court of law so doubt anybody wants to go through all of it.

  1. He never mentioned dealer is 4 hours away now instead of Philly, which he mentions in his first post of the thread.
  2. He did give thumbs up on returning Ally lease and then tried to remove that thumbs up when I pointed it out that it is too much hassle now with Ally return on my own and pick up or delivery. At least we can agree he did this as proven by my screenshots and hiding that shows lack of character.

In the end we try to hold dealers accountable about changing the deal and telling me to deal with return on my own was a deal breaker for my uncle and it was a hassle. Dealer never did any paperwork, never did credit app, and 2 hours later after paying and talking to dealer briefly informing me of no ally return I informed all parties. Throwing free delivery (after i kept insisting to unwind) and dismissing my issue with returning the car and time is not a solution. It is like giving me free floor mats a tactic the dealer uses.

Either way just a suggestion based on what this community used to be and I believe it represented. A misrepresentation and denial of it is not something we should be ok with from the broker that operates on this site.