Broker Quote vs. Rodo/Honcker


Should I expect that a broker will beat the comparable Rodo quote?

I’ve been lurking on here for months and this will be the first car I’ve leased. I reached out to a broker who frequently posts the make/model I’m interested in.

The quote I received is on the dollar on the monthly factoring in the fee and within $30 of the due-at-signing amount, which I consider equal. Am I expecting too much?

There’s no rule that brokers will always be cheaper. Compare all quotes and go with whomever is cheapest. Keep in mind the bad reviews for Robo/Hocker.

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Unless you’ve actually confirmed the deal with rodo and the dealer, do not be surprised if after you accept the offer you get a call from the dealer saying they can’t do that price, and it’s actually significantly higher. This will be after they do a hard credit pull, which doesn’t have a huge effect on your credit score, but still annoying to have happen for a car that is now priced much higher than you thought it would be.

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I’ve leased 2 cars already from RODO…they were super! Nothing negative here!


Care to share details?

Ok don’t know what details your looking for,2017 Highlander xle with Blu-ray 365.00 out the door,basics upfront 1200 dollars,2017 Rav 4 xle 277 out the door nothing down.
As far as the app goes,pick a car then there’s a little slider it lets you pick what you want to put down or nothing down,it does give you a choice.

Well any details really, so that’s good. Sounds like good deals in the current market but I have no idea how those specific cars were leasing when you leased them.

It’s really difficult to compare deals from 3 years ago. Back then Truecar was a good resource, now it’s just a dealer lead generator. Recent feedback on whatever the app is called now is not so great.

It was 2 years ago. So everyone responding here had to have leased from RODO in last 6 months? How bout being a little optimistic and see that it works!

I’m not sure why you’re being so defensive, I am simply stating facts and trying to help the OP. As I said, your deals seem pretty good. I don’t really care one way or the other as I don’t have a dog in the fight. Do you work for RODO?

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