Break out incentives on calculator

Wondering if it would make sense to have separate lines for dealer lease cash, loyalty, etc? I think it would provide a lot of clarity to new folks who may not know the difference between dealer discount and incentives. Any thoughts?

Seems like your’re asking 2 things: breaking out incentives, and separating dealer discount? Bc discount is done on top of the calculator (the % off MSRP)

It’s already covered in detail in the calculator FAQ. If they’re not going to read it now, I doubt they would then.


Most brokers lump the lease cash in the sales price, so it’s not a true % off

It would certainly be helpful, especially if you can label multiple incentives, i.e., OL code.

Ask the broker for a breakdown then. They can provide it. If they can’t, I would be leery with doing business with them

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Even when using a broker, it takes very little time to check with Edmunds. People usually don’t ask, but if you ask Edmunds about specific rebates and incentives - they will tell you the amounts (but not if you qualify for them).

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I realize you can just ask a broker. Thanks for stating the obvious. Just thought it would be helpful to see an itemized view of discounts.

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Why? What’s the advantage in seeing a lump sum or a breakdown, especially if you have to ask the broker for a breakdown anyways? The outputs are the same.

Because it provides clarity to an otherwise muddy topic. 75% of the threads in here are folks going back and forth on what incentives are where.

Attacking someone with a condescending attitude for simply offering a proposed suggestion, in the “suggestions” area, is incredibly rude. Feel free to close the suggestion since you can’t see my point and don’t agree with it.

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This is a great idea!
Loyalty line or Conquest line
Lease cash line

It clears up a lot of confusion from the get-go me thinks

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I have a google sheets spreadsheet I use that is essentially a built out version of the calculator and I do have a subsection to keep track of each individual incentive amount, especially if they change from month to month. That being said, it might be hard to implement it on the site because a one size fits all won’t work. For example, Volvo has had a first responder incentive. This didn’t exist pre-COVID and might not exist in the future. Will someone need to code these in and out each month for each make? I like the idea in general but in practice I’m not sure it would work well. If you are that concerned, just build your own google spreadsheet calculator the way you want it.


I asked you a question. I didn’t attack you, and I’m not being condescending. If you can’t take a challenge to your question for clarity without being offended, maybe you shouldn’t post a question.

If anything, you attacked me with your “thanks for stating the obvious” snark

I agree that the calculator can be improved substantially and don’t know who’s in charge of it. I wouldn’t get offended by experts telling you to do your homework though, as they are often peeved by newbies and baby birds looking for spoon-fed answers.

Because it’s clear you’re not a newbie, I think a better approach is to figure out who can make those changes and convince them the value of your suggestions offline. I haven’t seen the calculator updated significantly since I’ve been on here, nor do I know how difficult making suggested changes are. I wish I knew how to code better because trust me I’d be all over it.

A final consideration is that this website is free and, sometimes, maximum optimization is not as important as keeping the user cost at 0.

Incentives have so many different names. How many line items would the calculator have?




What are those 5?

what about #6 and 7 on a FCA lease?

This is a simple, great idea. Why are so many trusted hackrs against? All you need are open text boxes to name the incentives, and an “add row” button. Cmon guys.

Why not just build your own spreadsheet with all the minute calculations and all the blank lines for incentives you want? Problem solved. Best part…it will be better than the LH calc, as you’ll be able to account for all your local tax rules.

It’s a free tool…not desking software.

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