Brand new 2019 Audi S5 Premium SPORTBACK w/Audi care w/FULL PROTECTION. Philadelphia/NJ


Job situation changed so don’t need car anymore (working from home permanently). This is a brand new S5. 36 months 10k a year, currently paying 600 a month (pa tax included, audi care and protection package).

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019, Audi, S5 Sportback, Premium
Location: PA/NJ/NY (Car is in Philadelphia)

MSRP: 56000
Monthly payment : 600 (including pa tax, audi care, protection package)
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided): 560

Current mileage: 980
Maturity mileage: 30050
Effective miles per month:1000
Maturity date: 02/19/2023

MSD due (if any): 0
Cash due (if any): 1000
Incentive for new lessee (if any):

Financial institution: Audi FS
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Yes

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: Literally brand new - driven for 980 miles… THIS INCLUDES AUDI CARE AND FULL PROTECTION (WHEEL,TIRES,KEY FOB, PAINT, DINGS, etc) .

You will still be liable for the car after transfer, just a heads up. Also, there have been better deal for this car on the forum so you will probably have difficulty trying to recoup the 2k down, esp. considering your car is a really low MSRP.

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Why does the title say $550/mo when the payment actually $600/mo? The effective payment is closer to $660/mo.


My favorite part of this is, “all I ask is you pay back my inception fees”, and the transfer fee…

Where’s the value prop here? Why wouldn’t someone just pick this up from a dealer brand new? And not pay transfer fees…


I’m not quite sure why you say that. Right now, I pay in total 600 - including taxes.

Sure you could. Not going to argue with you there – but I got this through a broker on this website - already paid the broker fee and paid all the inceptions (which were closer to 2.5K). Maybe i should specify the incentive.

Bottom line, instead of being sarcastic, some constructive criticism would’ve been more useful.

Appreciate the feedback.

I don’t think any of his feedback was sarcastic. It’s just that one can likely get a better deal on a new S5 with a higher MSRP through this forum, so there’s little reason anyone would want to pay 2K cash to you. I’ve run into the same issue trying to transfer my 330i and have accepted that I won’t be getting my inceptions back. Maybe try Swapalease?

I got this car through a broker on this website - the effective monthly not including tax is 499. I included Audi Care and a full protection package which brought the cost closer to 600 (including tax as well).

There aren’t any deals on a S5 for 499 a month with 1k down. That’s what I’m banking on. If there is, well then , I will accept that and move on.

How can the effective payment be lower than your actual monthly payment when you are asking for cash due to you?

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Changed it to an incentive based on feedback and forgot to update that part of the post. Thanks.

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Nothing about my post was sarcastic.

It was real feedback. There was no value prop at the initial pricing you had.

And it was constructive because you identified an error through posts by multiple people, and now the payment is adjusted.

So you’re paying someone $1000 to take this over

And effective payment is $560

And someone pays the transfer fee (You or them - not made clear in post)


Is this still available?