Brand new 2018 Mini Countryman S available for lease transfer

Brand new 2018 Mini Countryman S available for lease transfer. $38k MSRP. Asking $3k down just $299 @ month! 10k miles per year for 36 months car was just leased on April 2nd of 2018 and has only 25 miles on it. Better deal does not exist anywhere!

Call or text me for details 7325866232

This is basically just the same deal Mini is advertising for a new one, isn’t it? Why would you lease something like this and transfer it 3 days later?

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Throw in TTL, etc and it’s pretty close to what you are offering without the hassle of a lease transfer. Will BMW/Mini even allow a transfer this quickly?


To make $3K?..

But if you already put down the money yourself? Unless you got a sick end of month deal with zero down somewhere. Does that 3k cover the 500 bucks the person taking the transfer will have to pay BMW to do it? If not, now we’re up to 3500 out of pocket for essentially a manufacturer advertised “special”.

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Yep, probably got a good end of month deal and wants to flip it.

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The $500 fee of which $400 is taxed.

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i agree, he’s trying to make a few bucks flipping, joined within 24 hrs, he prob doesn’t know who he’s talking to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And he posted it in the Trophy Garage, BTW.

He’s not trying to flip it to make a profit (new these cars are expensive, no doubt about it), OP messaged me what the situation was, and he never wanted the car and is a special situation to why he has it.

Did he lose a bet or something?

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This makes more sense. Sounds like it was acquired for someone else that is no longer in the picture or he is responsible for disposing of it on behalf of someone.

Edit: Good luck, OP.

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I’m guessing a family member passed but hope I’m wrong. Good luck with the swap. Pretty color combo but as with most people trying to get out of a lease, op will find more traction on cl sal or lease trader than here.

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Come on, be more cheerful. Maybe it was a gift for a girl. Maybe he proposed with the car, but she said “No”.

Maybe he glanced at her phone and saw she still has Tinder.


That was a different guy, but who knows :grin:


That lease special is based on a $32k MSRP mine is $38k huge difference. Plus when you add taxes and fees it’s over $4k down on a base model

True, it’s definitely not apples to apples, it’s a nice looking car too. Good luck transferring it to someone who will get to enjoy it.

Don’t you have to have the lease for at least six months before he can transfer it