Brand New 2017 PURCHASE Deals (May Be Interesting) 30% off Panamera Turbo and 21% off Giulia Quadrifoglio



Thought these may be interesting:

30% Off Panamera Turbo

21% Off Giulia Quadrifoglio


2017s wow, these have been sitting few days too long lol


Moving to off-ramp…this is a leasing forum, and purchase wouldn’t fit the purpose.


No problem


Great deal on the Panamera. If only this were on the west coast…


The NADA rough trade in value on the Panamera Turbo is $112k in my area. NADA CPO value is $130k.

If one were in the market to purchase then the Panamera at $110k is a damn good deal.


Can ship for $2K!


Suddenly im in the market for a Panamera Turbo! Thats a stupid good price!


How is the Panamera new if it has >3000 miles?


Hasn’t been registered. You could have a used car with 14 miles


Manager Demo


There is no car I want to own more and less at the same time than a Giulia quad.


Can i ask why less?


The reliability has not been great on these things especially the 17s. lease - if it’s a shit show turn it in and move on, but owning it is a whole different matter when trying to unload a notoriously unreliable car no matter how great it drives.


Ahh okay makes sense, I havent heard a lot my people have issues with their 2018s but like you said owning long term is much different than leasing the damn thing for 36 mos

But if youre ever in the market for one let me know :wink:


Has it been punched?


I actually don’t know anything about the car.

Saw it while deal hunting!


Has not been titled. Porsche warranty clock has not started yet.