Brabus launches a $700k Mercedes G-Wagen

20% off pre incentives or I’m not interested

“I’m not interested in all these dealer add-ons, please have them removed and run the numbers again.”

That slow 11 second 0-60 time is the only thing holding me back. Call me when there’s a hellcat version!

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Does Brabus even have dealers?

I have never actually even seen a Brabus on the road. I feel like this is a Beverly Hills/London/Dubai kind of car maker, where the buyer has “people” who call Brabus’s “people” when ready to buy

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Volvo also released a bulletproof SUV last year - the XC90 Armoured. It costs from £450,000, so around the same as the mid-level Brabus Invicto Luxury


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Forgot Moscow:)
At one point there was joke in Russia that Moscow has more MB S-class than entire Germany.

I think this one will be flying off the shelves in Russia despite prohibitive import taxes that could almost double the price. And on top of that property tax that goes by engine size and horsepower count. Yearly.

People are going to be throwing their money at this thing.

A-plan eligible ?

Trying to broker this thing? lol

Looking at the expectations of newbies here… I shall pass lol

Brabus replaces the bodywork with a ‘self-contained, self-supporting, bolted structural Shelter Cell’ that can withstand AK47 gunfire and military-grade explosive blasts to create a tank-like mobile panic room

Who needs to pay $700k when a Pinto will do the same:


Explosion tested !

Note how the Jeep failed but the Pinto runs on