🦞 BostonCarConcierge JULY BMW....Loaners Coming--

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Hey Folks,

Spreadsheet is just starting.

All deals must be signed in New England.

Can only go to New England Clients for Now.

Please note-3 series loaners are best loaners at the moment.

Will be adding more but here is a Mineral White/Beige 330xi
Heated Seats and Wheel
Drivers Assist Package
Ambient Lighting

First and Fees
$304+Tax w MSDs Assuming Loyalty or Corporate

Broker Fee $499


nice work!! These should all go within 24 hrs!


Too good to me brother!

Very nice! These are even unrealistic expectation spockvr6 approved!

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For a new car I felt pretty good about it. If it was a demo or loaner, I know it would need to be about 25 before you have a look.

Hahahahaa! True…25% does seem to be my magic button, but even I know that’s only possible on very specific cars. These X5 50 are beasts✔️

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Dang…Just checked a road test of these things, they run high 12s@109.

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These are some crazy deals now ! Good Job Mike !

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Thanks @mani_is_kool! I hope you’re well!

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I am good bud ! Thanks !

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If you can provide one of these for Texas residents let me know!

Negative sorry my friend

Surprised these aren’t all gone yet!

Opening to all states but CA and Texas!

These gotta go. Where else are you seeing 16% off and base on these 50is!?

Just curious what is the issue with Texas? Is it that they tax on the MSRP instead of the payment? Thanks

I have no problems w Texas but taxes are too complex for dealer

That’s silly, all they have to do is send the 6.25% tax to the county assessor.

I don’t make the rules

I’d sell cars to Wuhan if they let me


Hey Folks,

I have some brand new 2019 X5 50is that gotta go.

Broker Fee: $649

18% off Pre Rebates w Base MF

Loyalty Program as everyone knows, includes a rebate and also waived payments (2x750)

Use the calculator to adjust the MSRP appropriately.
$1250 for Loyalty is included in the rebates section. Subtract $500 if you have conquest instead.
See Calc Below Cars

Car 1-
MSRP $86xxx
Dark Exterior/Light Interior
M Sport
Prem 2
Trailer Hitch
Glass Controls
Heated Everything

Car 2-
MSRP $85xxx
Tanzanite (Extra Charge)
Merino Interior (Light Color)
Luxury Seating
PRem 2
Park Assistance Package
Remote Start
Heated Everything

Car 3-
MSRP $80xxx
Dark Exterior
Cognac Interior
Prem 2
Remote Start
Heated Everything

Car 4-
MSRP $83xxx
Dark Exterior/Light Interior Merino
Prem 2
Park Assistance Package
Remote Start
Running Boards
Heated Everything

Can sell to any state where we can reg


This has to rank up there as one of the best X5 50 deals we’ve seen​:heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: I don’t even like the larger SUVs, and now I even want one!

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Thanks Larry!

Means a lot coming from you!