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Hey Folks-
My name is Mike and I work as a broker out of New England. I’ve really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful members of the LH community, and hope I can continue to provide value.

I specialize in the following brands as of July 2020.
Volvo-Any State but CA
Toyota-New England Only
BMW-New England Only
Lexus-Any State but CA
Jeep/Dodge/Ram-New England
Land Rover-New England

My fee is a flat $349-499 depending on brand and type of deal (new v loaner). On occasion, a crazy deal will be $599, but it’s rare.

Please feel free to ping me via PM with
Current brands in household
Budget Target
…along with car of choice

I work deals via spreadsheets and also ad hoc requests.

Bostoncarconcierge has been in business since September 2018 and is a formed LLC registered with the state of Massachusetts
Additionally, I am launching a website in 2020, but for now, you can see more content here:



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@CMDR109 and @razorblaydesjr

I dont want to jinx anything, but would love a review once contracts are signed.

Thank you!

Mike is amazing!! $590/month for a Porsche should say it all!

Great communication and easy to work with! This forum was definitely missing some makes and models like Porsche and Land Rover, and Mike filled that with some crazy deals!

Thanks again!


Mike is awesome! Highly recommend his service. Friendly, easy to talk to and I feel like I’ve known him a long time!!

Really set out to do an X7 initially but no dealer at all was willing to give any good deals (rightfully so as it’s just the fresh new toy with lots of interest). Mike provided excellent deals on all alternatives. Decided to wait it out with a short term transfer and revisit the issue when hype fades.

+1 for Mike!

Thank you for the kind words, Mike! I really appreciate it!

Mike is awesome, we just got our 2019 Acura MDX Tech for an unbelievable price. He also negotiated my last two payments from the Toyota I had. He scheduled everything so smooth, I truly went down signed the paperwork and was done in 20 minutes. Will definitely utilize his services again on the future for all our lease needs.


Thanks Jim! Such a pleasure to have met you. Super pumped it all worked out so well!

I worked with Mike on a Rav 4. He was always available, responsive, polite, and most of all HONEST. Now Im hoping he can get my son in a new Charger/Challenger! 5 Stars all the way


Thanks Tom!

Such a pleasure to work with you, sir. Hoping March brings similar Challenger deals to what we saw in December!

In order to begin my review, I have to start with how badly I have wanted an F-type for the last year(possibly slightly longer). I called places all over the united states from Arizona dealerships to Norcal to NYC and the list goes on. Dealers and leasing companies, private brokers who ask for a fee etc but the cheapest price I got was ~725 a month for a completely base car.

so what can I say about Mike, an exceptionally great guy, when we began speaking - he promised me a price that I deemed too good off the bat. Initially, I doubted him but figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try - Boom - same day he got me the EXACT car I wanted(67k MSRP, Jaguar F-type P300 2019) in a dark navy exterior with a white interior. Literally exactly what I was looking for.

When he said, $582/mo with $2500/DAS I was speechless and immediately accepted. Less than 7 days later, I had the car keys in my hand as it was DELIVERED from Boston ,MA to Brooklyn, NY.

Overall if this was yelp i’d rate the experience and mike a 5/5 with 0 negative thoughts. Thank you once again Mike, you have scored a future customer for as long as I plan to lease.


Thank you sir! So happy it worked out on such an incredibly gorgeous car. Pumped for you!

Great working with Mike and he’s very prompt to response. Leased my 2019 XC90 and very happy with the car and the transaction.

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We leased a Velar which Mike was able to secure for us at an unbelievable price! He responded immediately to texts and made sure we were aware of all charges upfront. He is the real deal! Don’t hesitate to contact Mike for your next car.

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Thanks Joe!

Love the Velar you guys got! Couldn’t have chosen a better build and color combo.

Thanks A! You got the best looking XC90 I’ve seen in a long time. The color combo with the running boards and Polestar tune is a marvelous combo!

I was in market for a new car and got to know Mike. He looked at a few alternatives and found a great F-type for me. At the end of the day, I decided to not take the car because of my life style and the harsh winters but I can say that Mike is more of a friend than a broker. After I decided to get a different car, he stayed very friendly and patient and even gave me some very valuable feedback on my previous car that saved me more than $1k on taxes and fees.

He is passionate, very respectful, very knowledgeable and very honest and reliable. I consider him a friend and hope to work together again in the near future.

If he decides to change his field of work, I would hire him in a heart beat. He is that good! Trust me! Give him a shot and you would have the best expert on your team.



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Thank you for the kind words, Ehsan! I couldn’t agree more that you’ve become a friend in the process and I look forward to grabbing coffee when you visit colleagues at MIT! You got an amazing deal on a gorgeous 7 series and it was a terrific choice. So happy everything worked out, sir.

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Thank you to Mike @Bostoncarconcierge , very responsive and super efficient all-around great broker who made this whole process incredibly easy for an amateur!

2018 Jaguar F-Type 340HP
61K Sale Price
$2,500 DAS
$650 (Tax Included - DC Tax :frowning: )