BostonCarConcierge AUGUST Jeep/Ram Deals for Any State but CA! Ram Laramie Added! $519/Month w only first DAS!

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Hey Folks!

Here is the beginning of my Jeep/Dodge/Ram Spreadsheet. These deals are for New England clients only for now.

Many more models to be added on the Ram side.

I added the most compelling leases for the month. For example, V8 Grand Cherokees and Durango RTs are leasing poorly this month. Not worth adding.


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My hero! Hahaha

What’s your cartography fee?


Putting the map just makes it that much more entertaining when people will inevitably ask if you can ship to California.

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“Now I see that New York touches New England on that map you posted. Well tech I’m in NJ. Would I be able to get…”


The Durango SXT is not a bad price at all.

Sample Ram Laramie Deal
$519/Month + Tax
First and Reg DAS

Any HD trucks available with Turbo Diesel engine.

what about Big Horn leases with 15,000 miles? Thanks

Most banks do not lease HD trucks

Some do but it’s rare

Not enough action on them for me to go hunting for Cummins deals

PM me if you’re in New England and serious

I see you just joined thx

What would a warlock with navi go for
12/36 all in only first payment DAS

do I smell some hellcat deals coming? :slightly_smiling_face: