BONUS DRIVE - Don't forget to apply

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Going to have to take advantage of this if/when I pick up a palisade


If you have AAA, you can get the Bonus Drive refund

Heads up – AAA is Zip Code specific. I have AAA, but was turned down when trying to redeem the $500 Hyundai rebate on the bonusdrive site. It says the AAA bonusdrive isn’t available for my Zip Code.

As in the other thread you posted this in, go through


is this legit?

I got my check for my palisade, so yes

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I just got my check in the mail yesterday from this 2020 Ioniq deal, apparently it was mailed on the 27th. I got the deal from AA-NJ on here, and followed the instructions for the BonusDrive rebate.

I didi not belong to any group and was able to get $500 for my Palisade I just applied through the Allstate link it never asked me to verify anything aside from the lease obviously.

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I got 250 for my jeep. All you needed was another non chrysler vehicle in household.

to my surprise, I got a postcard in the mail after a few weeks of purchasing my charger scat. just got the email back that i was approved and to expect it in 8-10 weeks in the mail. i like free money.

edit: i do have allstate

Do you need insurance from All-State to collect money or any insurance company

You do not need to have Allstate to apply through the Allstate site.

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just leased a hyundai tuscon.
i applied, i am weary because it says you have to be a ‘allstate policy holder’ in terms, but the guy who recommended it to me earlier said you don’t have to as its coming from Hyundai. So fingers crossed here. I did not get an email confirmation but hoping it all checks out. explicitly states that you do not need to be a member to apply.


hahaha oh boy

“Need not be an Allstate policyholder to take advantage of this offer.”
I totally misread lmao, that “not” is just easy to skip through ^^

No worries. You’re not the first person I’ve had to send then screenshot to :sweat_smile:

For FCA cars also all you need is to own a competitive brand. Thats how i got 250 for my jeep.

received the check today, about 2 months after i submitted it. $250 for my scat charger