Bolt Premier $44.5K MSRP $250 a month with $250 due at signing

Bolt Premier MSRP $44.5K

Dealer Discount 3500 (8% of MSRP)

Rebates 11250 (Costco 3000, GM lease loyalty 1500, GM Lease Cash 6750)

3 years / 36000 miles

NJ Dealer, NJ Registration

$250 a month with $250 due at signing

One pay is around 8K but I am leaning towards per month option.
Post Sale Rebate of $5k (fingers crossed)

Is this a good deal?

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That’s a very solid deal. I’ve had quotes for higher discounts but it’s here in the south and before COVID. Maybe another 1-2% off msrp, not harmful to try

That NJ post sale rebate really makes this amazingly slick.

We use the term hackrworthy or unicorn here, not slick. But yes 8k one pay and 5k rebated in NJ is going to make this less than 100 effective a month for premier!!! I rate this 4 unicorns out of five.


that’s a great deal, looking for the same. can you share dealer details? i’m in nj and was looking for a bolt lease. thanks!

Sure. I will post details post closure.

I am also looking for the same. If you could PM me that would be amazing!

I want the dealer too!!!

If the MSRP and dealer discount are correct you should be around $7,500 for the one pay, not $8,000. That’s assuming the usual NJ dealer fees of $400 and a $350 DMV fee. Monthly payment is about right, I’m getting $246 with $246 DAS using the same amounts.

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