BOLT One pay lease question re total payment

Hi all,
I’m buying a BOLT LT with DC charger in the Bay Area. Really just started the negotiation with a total amount based on what was posted in the forums. But now digging into the numbers:

The MSRP is 38640, selling price 33804
Incentives are 5750 lease cash, 1500 conquest, 3000 costco and 1400 bay area.
I’m an educator but they said thats reflected in the selling price (below supplier)…

When I went to sign my docs, it said it was ~3000 for the payment due, but on Block 6 Line B.3, the cost was 5300 which was our agreed upon amount.

I want to understand most importantly what are the implications for paying the 5300$ upfront in this manner in the case of a total loss (somewhere else in the forums, it was written that one pay leases are basically an escrow which protects the down payment in the case of a total loss). To me, it looks like I may be giving them an additional $2300 to the dealer and that would not be covered, but I can’t tell.

Any thoughts or explanations are much appreciated.


Without seeing the contract, it looks like maybe the $3,000 Costco incentive was used as a cap cost reduction or “cash down”? All that really matters is that the amount due by you is equal to the amount you agreed to. And yes, as long as this is a One Pay lease through GM Financial the amount paid up front is safe. If you were to suffer a total loss 12 months from now you would get the equivalent of 24 monthly payments returned to you.


Echoing what ElectricEliminator said…All that matters is your DAS is what you agreed upon beforehand. Other than that, I just wanted to say congrats on a very strong deal, which looks to be about 12-13% discount pre-incentives. That is very good for CA, NorCal or SoCal!!

Thank you both!

So your one pay is $5300? If so, that’s a great deal in the SF Bay Area. I assume it’s a 10k mile per year lease.

$4800 is a big discount off MSRP too.

Which dealer is it?

Actually with these numbers it must be a 15k mile per year lease. That or something is wrong with the numbers posted.

Agreed…5750 would be Premier, 4750 would be LT, but OP’s numbers aren’t quite adding up for me…does south bay have 9+% tax rate?

Chevy Phil has posted these deals:

I wanted the base but they didn’t have it, only the ones with the fast charger which he lists as being ~750 more. Got it down to 5300 one pay.

It was a 10k mile lease. I agree the numbers don’t add up and no one in the finance department seemed to understand how lease financing works but it ends up 3300$ after CA rebate for a 3 year lease and I drive maybe 10 miles a day so this is great!

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I believe tax is 9%

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Go ahead and check the options list…I think it may have mats or trunk floor, adding a few hun…

Most likely the sales price wasn’t 33800. Or the dealer marked up the MF.

The rebate on LT is $5750. On Premier it’s $6750. The total incentive line should have been $11650 for this deal.

But who knows how they structured it if we don’t have the details. Still, $5300 one pay for a Bolt LT with DCFC is the best Bay Area Bolt deal I’ve seen.

Correct. long day. Was trying to find a similar LT w/DCFC with that same MSRP, but I’m too tired, and a few of the Chevy sites (eg. Capitol) don’t have working Window Sticker links, so I give up for now.

edit: going off memory, $220 for mats, $150 for trunk floor addon

Interior Protection $220, Rubber Mats $150, and iirc floor was $100?

That is a good sales price. I got my Bolt LT with DCFC only 2 weeks ago. I had $10,250 in incentives (Costco, GM Lease Cash, and Conquest), $33,995 sales price ended up with a one pay lease of $6,142 in SoCal (before post rebates of $3,000 for CVRP and SCE).

Could the discrepancy have something to do with the Bay Area incentive? If I’m not mistaken, isn’t that dealer cash that would come off the sales price first before consumer rebates? Someone who is more familiar with California deals would have to weigh in on that part.

Yes. If you were to include the $1400 Bay Area incentive on some of these So Cal deals (like this one or Ethan’s), then you get one pays that beat the Bay Area deals.

So some discounts come off MSRP and affect the RV $ figure and thus financing costs, and others are added afterwards, to reduce the total cost of the deal? Who determines how are those split (GM financial? negotiable?)?

The Residual value is not affected by anything but GM Financial. It is set in stone. What is variable is the delta between the residual value and the selling price of the car after dealer discount and rebates. Money factor is variable to a point depending on your credit and whether the dealer is trying to mark it up.

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Thanks, I got the wording confused there.

I still don’t understand how did OP get 11,650 in discounts ($3K Costco + 5.7K lease cash + 1.5K conquest + 1.4K Bay Area), but selling price is only 4,836 below MSRP.
Are some discounts applied differently? If so, do they don’t affect SP, and thus do not affect the delta that I end up paying for?

The selling price shown is before rebates and incentives. Just dealer discount. The rebates and incentives are on top of that.

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Thanks for clarifying! I appreciate it!