BOLT EV. Dealer has surplus inventory and deals

I just bought this 2019 Chevrolet Bolt from Mark Gonzalez and Isaiah Moran over at Puente Hills Chevrolet. He made me such a great deal and said they had 6 more left. I promised I would let as many people know.

Below are the details of my deal.

I am currently leasing an Infiniti Q60 and was able to secure a rebate for a competitive lease.

I also work for AT&T and was able to secure a GM Supplier Code.

2019 Chevrolet Bolt LT EV

MSRP: $38,580
Selling Price: $32,500
Monthly Payment: $249 ($274 with tax., LA County Sales Tax Rate)
Cash Due at Signing: $2000
Incentives:** $7,250

36 months
10,000 miles per year
Money Factor: 4.68%
Residual: 51% $19,675.80


Below is his information. He has the best YELP Reviews and is so funny in person!

Mark Anthony Gonzalez 562-328-3974


That’s a pretty salty money factor…

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Do the numbers in the lease factor in the rebates for EV or are you also receiving a check?

You get the state and utility (if any) after sale by applying for them yourself. Some municipalities also have their own…

Not in Texas… State EV rebate train ended months ago with a stunning 2,000 applications if I remember correctly.

There’s always next year…damn BMW used them all.