Bolt $145 with 0 down. Is this true?

Or bait and switch?

I would Do one for $145

Coming soon in 2019
$49 volt
$39 Impala
$89 Bolt

Liquidation sales, all must go :slight_smile:

GM has cut shifts at several of its U.S. plants as inventories of small and midsized cars grow. If GM stopped producing the six models under consideration, it wouldn’t happen until 2020. The models at risk are the Chevrolet Volt, Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CT6, Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet Impala and Chevrolet Sonic.


People were laughing at me when I said Bolt would lease at half the price in 6 months. Oh no, GM will have trouble keeping up with demand they were saying. Will the Bolt be the first EV to sell 200k in one year they were asking? Do you think if I reserve now, I can get one next year they were asking…

lol… quirk chev cracks me up.

Chevysalesgirl, better get rid of Volt, Sonic and Impala before they stop production :slight_smile:

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I’ll take a ct6.

They are nice

Lol! I didn’t hear that. But that sure is damn funny. You could legitimately say those things about the model 3. I know they were comparing the bolt to the model 3 like it was some sort of competition. Like, seriously?!

Classic bait and switch.

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As the saying goes, you can take GM out of bankruptcy but you cannot take the bankruptcy out of GM :slight_smile:

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Quirk is the kind of dealer that when you email them and ask about vehicle, they tell you don’t qualify for the pricing and it is suddenly 200 bucks a month more. Stay far away from them.

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I looked at the Volt yesterday and am VERY interested.
Would I get a better deal now that we hear its probably on the chopping block… or a worse deal?
The Bolt seems fun… but it looks dorky compared to Volt…

The $1999 cash down brings the actual payment to $200 on 36/10k plus TTL.

So you’re looking at probably $225/month plus about $1,500 in inception fees to get this lease going!

One lucky guy will get the car for $145/month. Everyone else will pay more and then some to subsidize the loss leader.

Regardless, in MA other dealers are advertising true zero down at 225 a month. With Mass 2.5k rebate, effective is 150 a month… Only DOLTS queued up and paid over MSRP six months ago for the BOLT.

I believe Massachusetts (and CT) have state rebates that go directly to the lease. Unlike California.

But if one has a $500 utility rebate + $2500 CA CVRP rebate and views them as the equivalent of $15 per $500, one should knock off ~$90 from whatever monthly payment you see on a bolt.

Is the $2500 CA CVRP tax free? It’s not considered income, right? What about utility rebates?

rebates are not considered income in general

Got an email response saying total out of pocket is $2,500 and monthly is $145.

Exactly. cannot agree more. Exceptionally deceiving practices