BMW X7 xDrive40i in PA

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Hi all - this is an initial offer I received from a local dealer. The dealerships in my area (Pittsburgh) are very short on X7 inventory, so this is for a custom build. Obviously, not a great spot for negotiation, but I wanted to get my ducks in a row and make sure I’m on the right track.

MSRP: ~$83,500
Selling Price: ~$79,600
Term 36 months, 10,000 miles

Rebates: $500 lease cash, $1,000 conquest
*Fees: $400 doc fee, $220 registration, etc.
Due at Signing: ~$2,800 (acquisition fee, doc fee, government fees, ~$1600 cap cost reduction)

Money Factor: 0.00122
Residual: 55%

Payment: $1,149/month (includes 10% tax)
Pre-tax Payment: $1,045/month

Obviously, not a great discount and I would do first payment only at signing. Residual is correct, MF is inflated 0.00040 based on Edmunds.

I have a PenFed account and my company is part of the fleet program. However, it looks like fleet for the X7 is $1,000… same as conquest. I have a CCA subscription, so it seems like the best route here is $1,000 conquest, $500 PenFed, $500 lease cash - submit for a $1,000 rebate from CCA. Correct? I don’t qualify for anything related to military or college grad.

Aside from that, I would try to get them to do 9-10% discount and buy rate money factor. I don’t think I’m going to get there, but that’s my goal. Any other thoughts?

You’re right in wanting 9-10% and base MF

Prob worth reaching out to a broker to make
That happen quickly for you especially on a custom order.


Second @Bostoncarconcierge few percentage points and base MF is worth the broker fee…to literally save thousands.

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I thought these leased in mid 800;s?

It definitely depends re timeline

They may have one ready to flip (into production) but that sounds aggressive

I assume most custom builds for X7 now would not arrive before December and most arrive Jan/Feb. don’t quote me on that as I’m only speaking in general.

But dealers can swap production slots with other dealers etc…

You should ping @nextlevelautobrokers since you’re so close by.

Doubt that

Pitt ain’t close bubba, that’s a good 6 hr drive w/t traffic.

I would gladly make that drive or pay a $500 shipping bill to save $6000-7000, as most would.

Either way, point remains the same.

As always Boston :slight_smile:

Depends on what part of PA but at that rate you could ship from CA and still save thousands. I’m shipping an Impreza GT from Michigan to Upstate and it’s $430 thanks to @Bostoncarconcierge connection.

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I tried buying an m850 vert from p&w earlier this year (unicorn deal that the owner squashed at the last minute) but shipping was only $400 to NJ at the time

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4 weeks is about average now
I’m seeing builds from SC show up in 3 weeks which is insane


You can definitely ship, I never said he couldn’t save. But that’s 6 hours of mind numbing PA Turnpike driving if he drives.

Also I’m always looking for more reliable guys, Mike or you mind sending me the guys number ha.

We have derailed the OP’s post but as a North East Account Executive I enjoy turnpike driving…podcasts and Pennsylvania Dutch.

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That’s what I tagged you brother :slight_smile:

Best man for the job

It’s up to you which broker you choose, but I work with a dealership less than 250 miles from you, but you can ship from there too. $495 doc fee, 10% off, and base MF.

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