BMW x7 or Audi Q7


We are currently in the market for upgrade, first time leasers in nj/ny area, currently debating between 2019/2020 bmw x7 ( hubby choice) and Audi Q7 ( my choice).I know lease amount varies by region and ideally it should be 1 or less than 1% of msrp,
Still what should be my game plan, thanks

Your game plan should be to spend some time on here and research past deals and broker listings in the Marketplace section to get an idea of what your potential lease will be on both models. Then it’s up to you to decide which one you want.

For the BMW, there is no lease support on 2019 models and 2020’s will be few and far between, so a 2021 is really what you should be focusing on.

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That 1% rule is meaningless for the types of vehicles you are interested in. They do not lease as well because they are popular models, residuals aren’t great, etc. There are plenty of threads on here with people sharing deals so you can get a good idea of the type of discount/incentives you might expect to try for.

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Go look at the features/options of each and test drive first. Leasing, you are looking at 20/21, not a 19. The X7 classifies as a large SUV and the Q7 as midsize. Do you need the extra interior/cargo space?


Good luck getting the 1% rule.

Forget that rule and look into the incentives you qualify for and achievable discounts on both. That will determine which is a cheaper lease.

Both X7 and Q7 don’t lease particularly well now… it’s one of those cases where you’ll have to pay to play. You’ll have to see which really suits your needs better and from a cost/availability perspective.

One more thing to consider - Audi/VW does allow lease transfers but the original lessee is still held liable. Something to keep in mind. Good luck!

Game Plan step 1: Don’t let @mllcb42 see this thread.

If you are trying to calculate a lease based on the 1% rule, you are doing it all wrong. Read the Leasing 101 articles and watch @michael’s YouTube video to learn how to use the calculator. Get the Money Factor (MF) and Residual Value (RV) from Edmunds.

Lots of data on the forum, so use the search function to find previous deals.


Maybe it should, maybe it shouldn’t. The 1% nonsense is a useless metric for determining what a good deal is or what price to target. Forget you ever heard of that drivel.

I see what you did there.

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From the level of proactiveness displayed in the first post I’m going to predict


My game plan is to ignore such threads where good advice is so likely to be wasted.


X7 is a much bigger car. You need to drive them both and then decide which you prefer.

It’s more like X5 or Q7
X3 or Q5
X1 or Q3



Reach out to @BMW_Dave with He is the BMW guy in CA, Always very honest and polite.

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Why are you recommending a dealer in CA to people shopping in NJ?


I suspect size will play a bigger role in your decision . X7 is longer, wider and higher than q7 and will “drive” bigger. Driving wise, Q7 is closer to x5 than x7. Sizewise , q7 is in between x5 and x7 in all dimensions.

Well I guess this puts to rest the ever so controversial question of…

Does size really matter? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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Shoot me a message if you’re interested in a XC90 inscription, I have some 20s on my sheet I want gone.

Talk to @AutoCompanion on a GLS, X7, if that’s your style.

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I have some awesome Q7 deals that are going on right now.

Stock is low, but we need them all gone!

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I knew someone would eventually suggest XC90 and other 7 seaters. OP made it pretty clear - they want either X7 or Q7.


Gotta plug the Volvo :man_shrugging:

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We get it, you want to make money. But no need to clog up every other thread with a plug.