BMW X7 Lease Program

Looking to lease a 2023 BMW X7 but it seems the lease programs/incentives are no good right now. I really don’t have a hurry, I could get it anytime between now and December of this year, and would love to be able to get at least 8% off MSRP. For reference, I would be happy with the xDrive40i at 36 months, 10k miles per year, but totally flexible depending on the best lease program. Does anyone have any insight into the current/expected lease programs/incentives that might help me decide if I should get busy working a deal now or wait a few months? Appreciate any input!

I would probably buy it and dump it before the full redesign.

Where ya at?

South Florida. Funny thing is I like the 2019-2022 design better but the numbers just don’t work out to buy a CPO, the cost of ownership for 3 years is lower on a lease of a new vehicle.

If you look around hard enough there might still be a 2022 kicking around that you could lease.

We could help with a locate. Can’t be too picky though.

I’d be open to that. Main thing would be Ivory interior but otherwise flexible.

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