BMW X5M on Swapalease

Hey Everyone! hope everyone is having a fine Saturday. I have been searching for an X5M and due to the inventory shortage, were looking at aa 10K market adjustment in FL. Im fairly sure I could get it down to MSRP or near that, however I found a listing on swapalease that seems like a decent deal. I figured id run it by the forum to see what others input was and to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Ive messaged the seller and am waiting for a response. Thanks for your help guys!

I believe @AutoCompanion is 2% off on an order on a x5m

5k down 1700 a month holy!!!

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What’s the monthly on a new one at MSRP? Compare that with an effective $2k/month payment on the SAL listing and you’ll have your answer. Also, did you check out broker listings advertised at 2%+? @nyclife

Price has gotten crazy. I had a deal on one at 9% off over and it sold when I went to lock it in, right before the prices started to go crazy. I have reached out to @AutoCompanion. With the shortage, they are unsure about the delivery date, only reason I haven’t went with them.

Thanks Jay. Ill reach out to @nyclife

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