BMW X5e 2018 - good deal?



Hi everyone,

I’m negotiating a deal on a hybrid X5 (so called X5e) 2018, that’s currently looking like the following:

  • MSRP: 65.295
  • Sale price: 55.725 (already including BMW lease credit and dealer discount)
  • Additional incentive: 500
  • RV: 59%
  • 36/10
  • MF: 0.00188
  • Total drive-off: 5.740 (inceptions + 2.981 cap reduction)
  • Monthly pmt: 599.xx, tax included (7%)

What do you think? Fair?

The calculator is giving me a score of 8.3 years



I think you can push the dealer more. If the car is new I think you can get 12 percent plus the lease credit


I’ve tried everything, he’s giving this as his rock bottom. Any tips on where I can push?
According to him here in FL they only markup the invoice by about 8%.


Any idea guys?