BMW X5 M vs X5 50i

I’m set on leasing and looking for 36mo/12k/$0 down.

My assumptions are 59% residual and .00137 MF. It seems to be a no brainier to go with the MSD route. I’m most certainly going the 7x to get to a .00088 MF.

That being said I’m looking at 2 vehicles:

X5 M @ 109696 MSRP, 103900 sale price
X5 50i @ 92695 MSRP, 87695 sale price

Calculating 7% taxes, rolling in fees, and acc, looking at:

X5 M @ $1352 / mo
X5 50i @ $1143 / mo

Can someone out there let me know what you think of these deals? I’m a bit torn because I had a UDE $1000 coupon that expired 2 months ago that’s not being honored. I’m also looking in to the fleet discount. And just working to see if there are other incentives. These dealers won’t help you for shit.

My target is $1250 for the M and $1050 for the 50i, trying to figure out a hack … :slight_smile:

Which state are you in? id look for more than 6k off.

IL - the dealers seem to think that because these vehicles are rare (basically a fully loaded X5 50i and of course the “M” badge) that they don’t have to move anymore on the price. However, both vehicle are at invoice based on edmunds price. But, they 17s are on their way, and they still have these on their lot. They’re telling me that the 16s will go once people see the warranties on the 17s. I call BS.

lol negotiate 10% off and read the below thread:

I don’t understand the hard ball game. I’m ready to open the check book, just give me the damn discounts. I’m reaching out to another dealer to see if they want to not play any silly games on an X5 M.

If I can find something like 10% off, put 7 MSDs down (MF to .00088), 36 mo / 12k miles, 59% residual, I might just go with it.

Anyone know what the residual is on a 48 month lease? I might even consider that.

48 months would be even worse. You may have to travel a little to get the deal you want. Maybe try pushing for another 1k or 2.

Yea, you’re right. I mean, they let me walk. Called me this morning to negotiate.

I think I’ve got a deal on my hands on the 50i…

x5 50i is plenty of power. With the M, youll need to factor in the cost of winter tires i think 1143 is to much for the 50i though.

Really? MSRP is 92695 on it…

Here’s the build on :

My X5 xDrive50i
4.4-liter, BMW TwinPower Turbo technology V-8 engine
xDrive, intelligent all-wheel drive
See all standard features
BASE MSRP$71,500
M Sport$3,900
Black Sapphire Metallic$0
Mocha Nappa Leather$0
Poplar Wood Trim$0
Cold Weather Package$550
Driver Assistance Plus$1,700
• ACC Stop & Go + Active Driving Assistant$1,200
Dynamic Handling Package$3,600
Executive Package$3,200
Adaptive M Suspension + rear axle air suspension$900
Mocha Interior Design Package$750
Front ventilated seats$500
Smartphone Integration$200
Bang & Olufsen Sound System$3,700
Destination & Handling:$995
Total MSRP as Built$92,695

What would you say you could get it down to?

Have you found your build on a lot? 17 production just started. Ones sitting on the lot, with incentives, id look for at least 8% off msrp. Also, unless your an audiophile, B&O might not be worth it. If you can hold out until Nov, youd get a better deal.

Can’t hold off because I don’t have a car. Totaled mine recently.

Not an audiophile but I had B&O in my previous vehicle, won’t go back…

36 mo / 12k miles - would you do $1029 a month?

I didn’t find “my build”. What I posted was a build on the lot …

I don’t think the Mocha interior package is worth the $1750 … and if I had the option I’d take off the ACC Stop and Go for $1200…

My ideal build:

My X5 xDrive50i
4.4-liter, BMW TwinPower Turbo technology V-8 engine
xDrive, intelligent all-wheel drive
See all standard features

BASE MSRP $71,500
M Sport $3,900
Black Sapphire Metallic $0
Black Dakota Leather $0
Poplar Wood Trim $0
Cold Weather Package $550
Driver Assistance Plus $1,700
Dynamic Handling Package $3,600
Executive Package $3,200
Adaptive M Suspension + rear axle air suspension $900
20" M Light alloy Double Spoke wheels style 469M-with performance run-flat tires $950
Front ventilated seats $500
Smartphone Integration $200
Bang & Olufsen Sound System $3,700
Space-saver spare $150
Destination & Handling: $995
Total MSRP as Built $91,845

Is that with tax and msd?

Yes, tax included $1029 a month. MSD would be $7k upfront…

Hmm looking at the sale price of 87695, they moved 5k. Bmw is currently offering 2k lease credit so essentially they only moved 3k. Id push for more unless its what you have to have right now and are comfortable with the payment. Shoot for 85695 selling price.

What should be my target then? $1000?

Like what would be a SICK deal?

10% off msrp with base MF. I feel thats good for what the market is, again 17s are on their way.

Find a dealer within a driveable distance, iron out all the details, fly in pick it up and drive home. I’ve done it on my last two cars. Furthest I’ve done is a 13 hour drive back home…but saved 1000’s!

If your not picky on color and dont mind waiting a week, you can probably pick up a demo 2016 with some miles on it for <$900/mo

pacific bmw out of so-cal has a 2016 x5-50i @79k with MRSP of $91

shipping to you would be less than $1k and you would probably save 4…5K over the term of the lease with shipping.

i picked up a 550i for $67k on a $92k msrp with 1k miles on it for under $650/mo. PM me if your interseted and I will connect you with the CA that helped me, was painless process.