BMW X5 Deal Feedback


Hello Everyone,
I’m working on Demo x5 deal with about 3.5-4k miles. I’m getting 15% discount in addition to $750 conquest. Dealer has marked up MF a bit and just want to get your community opinion on this.
DAS = 873
MF = .00158

Thank you in advanced for your valuable input.

base mf saves you $30 a month, msd another $40. I have seen dealers at 18% and offer 10 pts higher mf, with 15% and 30 pts you should be able to increase discount or reduce mf. Check out some of the dealers the brokers are putting out, I have seen 16% and base mf from one or two brokers. Also get an ol code that’s usually good for $500 or $1000 depending on if the dealer wants to chip in $500.

Thanks for your feedback. I will try to reduce MF further. Any idea how dealers handle 36 manufacturer warranty for demo cars which already have few thousand miles and months used already ?

bmw/mb are 4 years 50k miles

Sorry , I meant to ask about 36 month labor and maintenance (BMW utlimate care) . So should I just take car right before it hit 36k and get final service done or I would be on hook for another service before returnning vehichle at ~39k? Just making sure, I do not have to request dealer to add additonal months as vehichle is propably inservice for past 5 months

to be honest not sure how that works, maybe get uc+? I’m sure @Electric can help u.

But most of those service packages are just extra profit for the dealer, as long as everything is in good order nobody will ever call you out on that.( after free maintenance is over)

Thank you. One last question, Does dealer acquistion fee already contains gap insurance or you have to pay extra for that?

Gap is now included in the Lease docs from BMWFS. You’re paying for it one way or another, but from my recent experience it’s in there…Paragraph 25 of the standard BMWFS lease.