BMW X5 40e Lease Help

Just found you guys - feel like I have been overpaying for cars for years!

I have read through the X5 40e postings and looks like a few guys got some great deals.

I have optioned out what I am looking for - indifferent to the 2016 or 2017. But have noticed the 2016 inventory is pretty limited at this point.

My MSRP is 74,720. I have discussed with dealers and I am getting $700 a month after incentives applied with down payment and taxes. Clearly some profit margin in those numbers.

Can someone provide the current residuals for 10/36 and 12/36? The dealers have told me 58% for the 16 which is lower than what I have seen in the previous threads that stated it was 60 earlier this month.

Ideally I am looking to get into the high 500s including taxes (and putting all 7 MSD down).

For price in the 500s, you need to get them to a sales price of around 60k (ie 4.5k BMW lease credit) and extra 10k dealer discount.

Should be 59% for 10k and 58% for 12k.

You can always calculate that yourself from BMW’s offers section on their website:

In the fine print for the vehicle you want, find the purchase price at lease end and divide by the MSRP.