BMW X4 M40i deal > is it good? what can I improve?


MSRP 67,345
Selling Price 61,000
Discount 9.42%
NY Taxes 2,489.99
MF 0.00165 (this is for all bmw, right?)
Residual 59% or 39,733.00

Plates and reg 224.00 (first car)
Upfront 2,489.99 NY Taxes
Fee 1,070
First Payment: 698.01

I know is not the best deal so I need help where I can improve.
This a unit that the dealer has available right now.
Thank you!!

I for one would not pay the NY tax upfront. Roll it in to the deal, did it on my Audi.

If the car is totaled, then you are out that money. Insurance won’t give you back the taxes.

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