Bmw x3 which model and upgrades worth?

Planning to lease an x3. New to BMW. Trying to decide couple things

  1. 2L vs 3L
  2. Which upgrades are good to have? (Like which ones are worthy). Any suggestion is appreciated!

Active Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist.

Consider the Mazda CX-5. The Grand Touring is loaded with technology, drives wonderfully and is available for a fraction of the cost. The 2017 is around the corner and includes an amazing new heads up display. I just bought a CX-9 signature edition. Love it. Super quiet.

I have the totally opposite view. Why would I get a BMW and then ask it to drive itself as much as possible?

Even better, a twin turbo diesel BMW estate with a manual transmission on a Bavarian alpine pass …and then summer vacation ends and you’re back in bumper to bumper traffic with credit card bills due from that amazing trip. the thumping sound of hip hop blaring from the car next to you and a crying kid in the back seat.

That my friend is when you want that active cruise control which is so hard to find on that ultimate driving machine. Frustrating.

Mazda came to the rescue with a great handling very quiet CX-9 with up to date with technology. Lucky me.

And then Active CC becomes “the new normal” and you are back to being frustrated with traffic and the woofers next to you, etc etc.

Just my 2 cents. We may agree to disagree.

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