BMW X3 Used tires

I have 10 months left on my X3 lease. My back tires have 3/32 tread and front have 5/32.

I don’t know much about this but Is it ok if I by 7/32 Bridgestone tires with same spec and replace them?
What is the minimum tread tire that I should buy to be on safe side at lease return?

Needs Repair

Minimum of 4/32 of an inch tread depth from the thinnest tread.

Tires that are not the same specification as the original equipment supplied on your vehicle (size, speed rating, and run flat, if applicable)

Seasonal tires.

Original equipment left in vehicle but not installed.

Recapped and re-treaded tires.

Tire sidewall repair plugs.

Mismatched, bent, or broken wheels, wheel covers, or alloys.

Spare tire missing or not matching original manufacturer’s specifications (if applicable).

Painted or chromed wheels that are scuffed or scratched.

Bulges, cuts, gouges, cupping, or any tire damage affecting safe operation of the vehicle.

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