BMW X3 or Volvo XC40 Lease

I am new to the forum and would really appreciate any help.

I am planning to lease 2019 Volvo XC40 T5 Momentum and working with 2 dealers in South Florida.

Dealer 1 : $2000 down towards 1st month + tag + title + registration.
$450 + tax per month = approximately $481 per month.

Dealer 1 is giving similar numbers for 2019 Volvo XC60 also.

Dealer 2 : $0 down. No fees upfront or dealer fee or acquisition fee.
36 Months, 12000 miles per year
$515+tax = approximately $551.

Thank you.

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You literally gave us barely no information about either cars?

Sell Price

I requested Dealer 1 to send me all the details.

Dealer 2 as of now gave only this
MSRP: 43,530
Sale Price: 38,954
I requested Dealer 2 also for further details.
Still awaiting response.
Will update as i receive them.
Thank you.

This is what is received from Dealer 2.

XC40 Break down

MSRP: 43,530

Cap cost: 34,000

Residual: 51%

Money factor: 00216

discount consists of: 4500 Volvo Cash while the rest is dealer discount

XC60 Breakdown


Cap cost: 40,000

Residual: 57%

Money factor: .00096

discount consists of 2500 volvo cash and rest coming from dealership discount

First off, you need to provide the trim, etc. There are different “levels” in different trims. I’m assuming you didn’t just go into the dealership and ask the price on “an XC40,” rather than a specific one? That being said, the MF and residual suck for an XC40 for August, and based on what I’m seeing, there are no incentives. You’re better off with a 2020. The MF is much lower and the residual is much higher.

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Thank you.
I requested for XC40 T5 - Momentum trim.
I suppose, it being a newer model it doesn’t have good deals on it.

What about XC60, is there chance to work for a better deal with 2019 XC60 ?


I got 1 more offer from a BMW dealer for 2019 X3.

He is giving me the below numbers.

Residual is 58% @ $24,966.10 and BMW standard money factor is .00145 right now

Total rebates are $2,750 on top of my savings to you of $4,701.49 for a total consideration package of $7,451.49 worth of savings by buying through me.

I did not get what will be monthly payment would be.

Help me out please.

Thank you.

The monthly is right on the deal sheet. You really need to decide which car you want - have you test driven either one? Then, focus on it, and come back when you have decided.

I am planning to go with BMW X3 sdrive with driver assistance package.
MSRP - $42,295
Dealer gave me this deal.
$1700 out of pocket this includes first month payemnt + tag + title + registration + all fees.
Lease amount will be $420 per month
Lease period - 36 months
Miles - 10,000 per year.

Does this look like a good deal ?

Sale price? MF? Residual? We need all the details to tell you…

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That’s what I was going to say. A breakdown of the fees, etc. would also be helpful, especially since it’s Florida - doc. fees.

MSRP - $42,295
Sale price - $34,843
Residual - 58%
MF - .00145

Lease Options

Out Of Pocket $1,500.00 $2,500.00 $3,500.00
Rebate $2,750.00 $2,750.00 $2,750.00
36 MO / 10K $449.01 $418.71 $388.30

MSRP $42,495.00
Discount and Incentives $4,974.25
Selling Price $37,520.75
Options $0.00
Dealer Fee $799.00
Sales Tax $2,349.58
Out The Door $41,277.18

Have you tried MSD which will lower your MF to lower your payment?

This is the last offer i got from BMW dealership.

Lease term - 36 months
Miles per year - 12,000
Out of pocket - $1300 (includes 1 st month + tag + title + registration + all other fees)
Monthly payment - $420 (tax included)

Does this deal look good ?
Gong further during the lease term will they charge any more fees ?

Please let me know.


I am looking at the exact same car with same MSRP.
In So.Cal, it looks like what you have is pretty much the best you can get (excluding some unicorn deals mentioned here) now (someone mentioned that August BMW incentives are very low and dealers won’t do 15% off)

not to hijack this thread, but I see these spreadsheets on multiple threads on the forum. Is there a template that everyone is using, or does everyone build their own spreadsheet?