BMW X3 Loaner - working on deal

Hi All,

First time trying to work on a loaner deal, read a bunch of threads. It has 4,365 miles on it. Minneapolis, MN.

I’m looking at a 2019 X3 xDrive30i. The barely filled out worksheet:
Selling price: 44,685 (which is MSRP)
Discount: 2750
Lease incentive of 2000 plus 750 conquest (2750 total)
Total purchase: 39,185 excluding fees, etc.
Monthly with nothing down for 36/15 is $646.

Obviously a discount of 2750 (6%) is quite low. They are already factoring in the 2750 available incentive without me asking.

Is it recommended I just give them a number that works for me or does anyone suggest other language to get them to counter the discount?


No bueno. I’d be asking 15% or better pre-incentive.

Right… but do you just straight up reply to them with that?

There’s about 100 very good threads on here about how to negotiate. Find your own style that you’re comfortable with.

If the dealer is actually quoting you a used car at zero discount from MSRP, good luck with that. Good candidate for worst leases of all time thread.


I know it is bad, very bad. Was just looking for some friendly advice in the approach to saying thanks for the offer, but I’d like 15% off pre-incentive. That’s all.

Just name your price. If they wanna do business then they will do business. If not then you know to keep shopping.

Got it, thanks for the replies. I’ll update it with what they come back with.

What is trying to be said is that if a dealer is barely discounting at all…getting them to 15% will be near impossible. The goal of the site is to educate, and all the good deals you see in many markets Involve some travel and casting a wider net to get. In my market broker deals posted here have been laughed at. I have a friend who is a sales manager at my local BMW and he said he could never touch these numbers…and doesn’t have too.

Exactly if a dealer is giving u a weak discount on a used car out the gate he is most likely not worth wasting time on i would talk to other dealers.

Yeah, I get it. Thanks

It is actually worse than no discount due to the residual hit due to the loaner miles.

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The uneducated will pay it all day too.

I tried to work with BMW of Minnetonka, nice folks, but I could not get them to budge past a 9.2% discount on a demo 430i (a car not exactly selling like hotcakes). I have not tried with the Bloomington group. Anyway, in some markets, dealers don’t need to deal. To get the best deals, you may have to contact 10-20 dealers to find that one that wants to aggressively move a car off the lot.

On a demo!?


I got a 2020 X5 for that money :slight_smile:

Nice. Yeah ended up getting an XC60 for way less through a broker.

Sounds good. I think the XC60 looks better than the X3. Something about the front end of the X3 just doesn’t do it for me.

I know what you mean. Hoping to revisit the X3 when my other car is up in the spring, but we’ll see.

Be firm, but nice enough. Imo no beating around the bush, just name your price, how 2 get there from MF, MSRP, disc, etc.

Edit Whoops didn’t see u got something haha, enjoy the car!

No worries! Not sure how this got started, the initial post was from almost a year ago.