BMW X3 Lease... Wife wants to sign tonight... How am I doing?

Wife (who is 7 months pregnant with our second) really enjoyed her test drive of the X3. Apparently, “it’s just the right size.” She seems really happy about it. Dealer is of course pushing us to come in to sign before the memorial day holiday kicks off and it gets scooped up by another buyer. Below it the best deal I could get them to agree to.

Let me know if there’s room to squeeze…

BMW X3 sDrive
MSRP 42,495
$38,000 Cap price (basically got em a little over 10% discount; this seems low given that the new model is expected soon?)
64% Residual
0.0015 MF
$1900 Out of pocket today (acquisition, doc, registration, 1st mo)
$400/mo + SoCal Tax

True, new model is coming out, but rumor has it around September.
So no pressure for them to unload 2017 just yet.
This meets the 1% rule (without tax), and considering how bad BMWs are leasing lately, its not a bad deal.
It would be better if that was the price for 12k though.

Whats the monthly with tax?
Still in the 1% range for 42.5k?

FWIW, I havent been able to get my BMW dealer close to 1% on an X3, so Im looking elsewhere now.

It’s a decent deal considering how BMW has been raising the MF recently and getting rid of MSDs.

That’s about what I figured. Their leases are becoming less attractive after they did away with the MSDs.

With tax, $432/mo so just over 1%.

Seems like a decent deal, I’m just personally not a huge fan of the X3. Rather get a loaded CR-V… but happy wife, happy life. :slight_smile:


The OP is interested in an X3, not i3.

I3 and X3 are two different cars.

Dang it shouldn’t post so early. Ignore the noob.

Congrats on the coming family addition. :grinning:

I think that is a decent deal. It is still a bit early to see any screaming deals on outgoing X3’s. MF is bang on where it should be. Discount off MSRP is good. Drive off seems right. The only downside I see is that it will be a very lightly optioned car but if your wife is happy with what is on it then you are good to go.

Having test driven both a X3 and a CR-V the X3 is way more fun to drive. If you were buying long term the CR-V is probably a much better option but for a lease it doesn’t matter so much.

Since this is your second child you already are well aware of the car seat thing so I’m sure you’ve taken that into consideration. I will say the CR-V has more rear seat room than the X3 does.

And the CRV probably costs the same or more to lease right about now

Who do you work for?

We ended up with the CR-V (EX). Got the sale price down to $25,600 but we had some negative equity on our trade-in so the lease works out to $370/mo (w/tax); MF is terrible on these right now… 0.002… ouch! I think I’ll just buy out the car after a year or refi w/ my credit union as this seems like a great long-term vehicle. However, for now we’re saving about $75/mo compared to the X3 (we needed 12k miles/year so the above rate requires adjusting).

We took the car down to Legoland this weekend and I’m very happy with it. While the car is definitely lacking in the sport department, the active lane keeping and active cruise control are absolute game changers for road trips. There is also more 2nd row space and cargo room compared to the X3. Oh and we averaged 33 MPG. All-in-all, the wife is pleased with the car and kiddo #1 is loving it too.

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Crazy that an entry level Japanese SUV CRV has active cruise control while other leading luxury brands don’t include it in any trims but as a stand-alone option for thousands more…

Enjoy the new car!

All Subarus have it as an option also (eyesight package).

Toyota is going to make it standard on every car.

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Surely you are saving more…have you factored in how much the negative equity would add to the X3 lease?

PS next time just buy the car on day one. You’ll save the acq fee and most likely save on the purchase APR which should be less than the MF, and save on having to reg/title it a second time when you eventually buy it. You can always do a ballon note to keep your payments lower than traditional financing.


I have a 2016 X3 Sdrive with a 50k MSRP for lease swap for not much more than your deal. Has MSD’s on it that I need upfront. In great shape with lots of extra miles, 18 month left on it with 28,000 miles left on the lease.