Bmw x3 lease chi burbs


Let me know what you think. I’m thinking of paying the lump sum of the lease up front which should lower costs further.

Residual is 58% and money factor is .00185.

This is almost M40I money, are you open to a loaner?

Marked up money factor and essentially the cash you put down is straight profit for them.

Get the base MF, residual, and incentives by posting here:

Say this:

Can I get MF,residuals, and incentives for 2019 BMW X3 3.0X drive 36/10k in < your zip code > thanks!

Looks like there is a $2,000 lease incentive - if that’s the case, your actual dealer discount is 9.9%…push for more discount.

They have been posted here a lot no need to hunt for them. Residual is 58% MF is .00145, looks like you qualify for loyalty and lease cash.

There’s $3500 X3 lease incentive, and I mentioned loyalty. Definitely need to push for more discount.

If youre open to a loaner you can work to get a great deal. Might take some time to find one around. Id email every BMW dealer in the area or if you liked that payment you can always look at a X3 M40I.

Something like theis you can push for more off being a loaner:

Or this with more options MSRP $50,885 (Comfort key, premium, etc) is new (not demo) 41,500, you should work to push them lower or use these base points.

Do you know what the loyalty is on the x3?

If someone has just joined and doesn’t explicitly say that the MF in their quote is the base rate, it makes sense to point them to the edmunds forum, especially if they haven’t disclosed that they know what the incentives are.

This shows $1,500

So the question is is the $3,500 lease incentive @mistert mentioned really $2,000 lease + $1,500 loyalty or is it $3,500 lease + $1,500 loyalty. Confirm with the dealer that’s quoting you.

According to BMW dealer site its both:


Shoot youre right, that was buy rebates, heres lease:

"$750 Loyalty/ Conquest Certificate $2000 Lease Credit included in payment. "

This is getting out of hand haha…I have been working X3 numbers now for 2 months. It is 2000 lease cash and 1500 loyalty, The base mf is .00145 and the residual for new is 58% at 36/10…your all adding disinformation and cluttering the post.

Op i have a line on a White on White loaner x3 near you that i could share the details with. I didnt take it and i cant promise they offer the same deal but its at least 200 lower a month with 2k out the door.


That’s what I thought. I’ve been running numbers on x3’s all month as well

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Well I checked for Chicago on the BMW website and they’re showing a $750. Maybe your areas different cause they are offering a $1,500 loyalty when you purchase and not lease?

BMW website doesn’t show loyalty numbers. It’s $1500, no need to keep talking about it. The dealer already showed the $3500.

As a BMW sales person, this is correct. As for OPs numbers, buy rate is .00145 this month. You have to be careful with quotes from that dealer. The $6000 in savings is not really savings. It is the price you will pay if you finance since the taxes are way higher than if you leased.

Here is an example with the same MSRP with a 10% off MSRP dealer discount and base MF with the $3,500 lease cash + loyalty as untaxed incentive (not sure if that is correct). So you need to add your taxes and you’re in the ballpark. Also, check out MSD’s, and definitely see if you can find a suitable loaner, if you’re good with that. Monthly in this example is $444 w/o tax and $900 due at signing (1st month + fees in the quote above (180 doc and 276 title etc)).

In Illinois the rebates are taxed.