BMW X3 Lease 2022

Hello! Im in SO - CAL (anywhere in so cal is fine)

I am wondering what type of discount I should shoot/aim for on a 2022 x3 s30i.

Can I still shoot for 10%? I know that sounds ridiculous right now, any input helps!

Thank you!!

Genuine question: if you already know it’s totally not realistic, then what is the motivation to ask?

What does your forum search indicate is a realistic selling price for an X3?

You’ll probably have to shoot someone to get 10% in this market.


If you plan to reach out to dealers first purchase a large bucket of lube. Otherwise check brokers spreadsheets and you can see what discount they can help you get.

Other places offering 6% , 10 isn’t that far away

Why am for 10 when 15 isn’t much further?

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Who’s offering 6%? I haven’t seen a single dealer in norcal discounting vehicles.

You’re talking a couple thousand dollars

I think @AutoCompanion has 6% off MSRP for a custom order on an X3 s30i.

OP has not indicated whether they want a car on the lot or are willing to wait for an order.

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Only thing more ridiculous is talking discount in isolation. Have you seen what the RV and MF are, and what the payments come out to?

Yes I missed the Cali part tbf