BMW X3 in Texas


Anyone done a recent lease on an X3 in Texas and can share details? Whats a reasonable payment on a 49k MSRP /10K mile lease?



X3 will be quite tough to get a deal on in Texas, it doesn’t lease that well and Texas is quite uncompetitive. Your best deal will come from finding an X3 that is ex-demo/loaner and has under 5000 miles.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio leases better and would be easier to get a good deal on, there are dealers in Houston and DFW which have consistently good deals.

For any lease you go for you’re going to want to get Texas sales tax credits to reduce the tax you’ll pay. Have a search on this forum for info on any of the above.



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Thanks, I’ve leased many times with BMW (currently have 2) but not familiar with sales tax credits. How does that work?



short answer, instead of paying 6.25% tax on the entire selling price, you only have to pay 1% tax. It’s entirely up to dealership to give you that. You have to ask them for it. Sometimes they tell you up front if it’s available or not. For instance, it’s available on all lease of lexus RX this month. If you’re savvy and tough negotiator, you can pry it from the dealership



Wonder what the success rate on this is in TX…Sounds like a hit or miss.



In my experience, dealerships usually use it as last tool to close the deal. Very few tell you up front that they have tax credit to give out.



Every dealer should have them at least for certain periods of the year. You might have to shop around but it’s worth it, the tax credits would save you more than $2k alone on the cost of a $50k vehicle.

With you being in Texas, into BMWs and looking for a good deal you might be interested in the Mini Countryman PHEV. You can hack an amazing deal on them with Owners Choice, effectively getting a $50k vehicle in the $300’s per month. The Countryman shares the X2 platform with BMW so it’s not exactly the same but if it meets your needs it will be the best deal you’ll see. Here’s an example: Trophy Garage [ Photos ]



X3’s will be really tough to get one as they sell out quickly!! Loaner/OC does not have an option of Tax Credit.
Unless you get ~ 20% off to offset higher MF/APR & less RV/mileage fine which is at 0.2/mile… this will keep you still @ high 400’s!!