BMW X3 28i, How did I do?

Got a BMW x3 with premium. nav, lighting package etc. for $540 including tax $0 down. MSRP is $51,545.00.

How did I do?

Looks good, how much at signing?

$0. I just have 35 payments of 540.

$0 drive-off? If so, looks like a great deal!

@gluck you could have prob saved a significant $$$ if you put 7 MSDs on this lease. At least $50/mo

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Yes absolutely no money down or drive off BMW actually took care of the first month’s payment. I have only 35 payments of $540 with tax. So it is less than $500 before tax.
MSD defeats the purpose of lease for me. I like to pay nothing down or out of pocket. I already have few cars with BMW so MSD doesn’t change my account, they just offer loyalty credit to me. Ideally I was looking for less than $500 with tax but needed a car now so had to do this deal.

how many miles a month, in what state.

California, $10K/year

Hard to tell without knowing what dollar amounts for each of the fees you rolled into the monthly.