BMW X1 vs MB GLC300 in Texas

Brand new to leasing, and learning a ton from this site. The wife and I headed out today to look at small SUVs, and narrowed it down to the BMW X1 and the Mercedes GLC300 (both 2016). Could anyone provide me with the residual and Money Factor for each one?

If you have any strong opinions on one versus the other I’d love to hear them.

BMW X1 .

$925 bank fee
00138 MF
36 Mo
61% 10k

Mercedes Benz GLC300
.00166 MF
36 Mo
61% 10k

For all Programs deduct 1% for 12k & 3% for 15k miles

Hope that helps.

Anthony @

Thanks Anthony, that’s really helpful.

I just got back my first set of paperwork from the BMW dealer. The quoted Money Factor was .00159, which they claim was marked down from .00178. Could the markup be due to our credit (which they haven’t officially run yet), or are they just marking it up for profit? Any suggestion on how hard I should push back?

The residual quoted was right on at 61%, and negotiated price was 9.2% off the MSRP. Based on some other posts I’ve read this s pretty good.

If they haven’t run credit yet, they should be assuming good credit, anything above 690 score should get .00138.

they’re just marking it up.

Just tell them you know its .00138 and thats what you’re expecting.

How much is the MSRP on the model you’re looking at?

Not to hijack the thread - but I have a similar question in Maryland/DC/Virginia. I have the following offer for the BMW X1 w/ Premium, M Sport, Navigation, Cold Weather packages:

MSRP: $46,120
Credit Score: over 800

$5,000.00 down
$512.00 monthly payment
00138 MF
36 Mo
61% 10k

Please let me know if I am missing anything or this doesn’t sound right. I apologize in advance - or if I should start a separate thread.

Hi Dave,

its all good. I just backed into that lease using VA tax @ 4% and estimated $430 in registrion and doc fees.

i’m coming up with a $475 payment @ my supplier pricing.

They should be selling it for $43,300 at the most.

Anthony @

Thank you - Maryland has 6% tax and he is selling the car for $43,085.00. Can you break down how the lease should be less so I can let the dealer know? He is a very straightforward guy and I have a friend who works with him and trusts him. So if I am questioning his pricing, I need to make sure I have the numbers to back it up.

The MSRP is 45,735. The car has the Cold Weather, Drivers Assistance, Luxury, Premium, and Technology packages, along with the sliding and reclining rear seat.

I was quoted a discount of 4,200, bringing the price down to 41,535. DMV Fees - 124.50, Documentation Fee 150, Tax 2,693.96 brings it to a delivered cost of 44,503.46. For a 36 month/10k lease I was quoted the following payments based on my out of pocket - $0 = 607, $5k = 455, $10k = 303. Residual value is 27,898.35.

This is my first lease - from what I’ve read about the 2016 X1 the residual is right where it should be, and the discount is actually better than what people are seeing. I do have the Fleet Employee Program included in the above numbers.