BMW X1. This feels like a terrible deal

I got an amazing deal on my last X1 and I’m struggling to match it. The best offer I’ve gotten so far is $400/mo with $2,000 DAS despite having loyalty and an OL code but the numbers don’t make sense when I put them into the calculator

Here’s the quote from the dealer

Any advice would be appreciated!

10% and marked up MF isn’t a particularly good deal

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Not a great deal is right but I find it odd that everyone with loyalty and an OL code are picking up BMW’s for the price of Toyotas and Nissan’s. Go figure that one out.

Yes it certainly seems like that. I don’t have any loyalty, codes, etc. so any X1 or 330 new or loaner I priced out is “not cheap”. Guess I need to go back to the cheaper brands that I’m used to! :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe 0.00137 is base for this month.


From the dealer:

Includes $2,800 in MSD’s to buy the rate down to .00102 and the $500 OL Code buy lease and loyalty credit.

Base Mf is now .00137 and if this is a 2020 model, you will get a better deal finding a 2019.

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At least 2 brokers on this site with better deals. Loaners available for even further discounts.

Or take on someone’s lease to get loyalty… :wink:

Pick a toyota and it could still be worth month at lease end. Bmw will be worthless.

People leasing the cars usually don’t care how much the cars are worth at the end of the lease. That’s the whole point of the lease!


I actually do care. My rav 4 and pilot I made money on …
BMW not that great anyway.

I got my loaner from here last time, but no one seemed to be close to matching those terms this time around:

And grammar is overrated as well.

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Speak for yourself…

I sold my leased camry to vroom, made $1k and got right into a 3series. I laugh when I remember the drive of the camry. Then I cry for lost years in it. Then I step on the accelerator and leave my contemplation in my past.

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Apology accepted.

Back on topic, @RME, you might want to contact @BMW_Dave about this former loaner?

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BMW’s rarely have equity at lease end. That’s why FS makes their money on the financing.

People shouldn’t lease to make money at the end. Heck, sometimes making money in the end means they screwed you extra hard in the beginning