BMW X1 Loaner - $3K down / $399/mo - Please review

Hey guys,

First post here and hoping ya’ll can help me get a good deal on a 2018 X1 loaner – since I missed out on those 2017’s! I’ve gotten two quotes (my dealer and a nearby dealer) and have two curveballs.

Curveball #1: I’m currently in a 328i 24 mo CPO lease that ends in 2 weeks and I’m currently 4.1K miles over (est. $835 at $.18/mile). Both dealerships mentioned that they cannot waive it and I would have to pay BMW Financial directly.

Curveball #2: My current dealer has been given me inflated deals but they are the only dealer that will take back my car without charging me for any scratches and dents on the car (other dealer I went to said they would charge me $1,400 in scratch damages).

Quote from Current Dealer (Firm):
MSRP: $41,248
Selling Price: $36,893
Discount: 10.56%
Total Rebates: $2.5K
Monthly Payment (tax inclusive): $399
Down Payment: $3K
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: .00176
Residual: 59%
Tax Rate: 8.275%

Quote from Other Dealer (Firm):
MSRP: $42,895
Selling Price: $35,940
Discount: 16.2%
Total Rebates: $2.5K
Monthly Payment (tax inclusive): $361
Down Payment: $3K
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: .00156
Residual: 56%
Tax Rate: 8.275%
And this dealership wants to charge $1.4K in Scratch damage

Let me know what you guys think – Thank you!!

Sorry, I am a bit new too. Is there any reason the RV and MF are different for the same car? Isn’t that set by BMWNA and BMWFS, not a dealer set value?

.00156 is the base money factor, but dealers are free to mark it up for a profit if they can get away with it. The residual on the loaners may vary depending on the mileage already on the vehicle.

The dealers may not be able to waive the mileage overage, but they could negotiate that number off the price of the vehicles if they wanted to. I have had BMW dealerships offer to “pay” for overages on miles or damage not covered under normal wear and tear to get a deal.


So what your saying is, YOU have to pay for the miles YOU put on the vehicle YOU leased and signed for YOURSELF? WOW that is insane…


At least he’s not threatening to harass the GSM, corporate, the BBB and contact 3 lawyers over it like some others would


Why is everyone so quick to pile on someone asking for advice? He didn’t say it was unfair that he was asked to pay for anything. He presented two scenarios and asked for opinions. This site used to be a lot more friendly, especially to new users.


I agree… I’m a noob and more and more comments I read now are so degrading to newcomers. We’re not all trying to be bloodthirsty vampire and get free deals… But I understand the frustrations of the veterans but we just don’t need the hostility.

Said that, OP I can’t help you as I’m trying to learn myself here before I comment again


why are you putting money down

You can return car in one dealership and buy from another. BMWFS will refund the disposition fee… also you should be able to get monthly cost at 300-350 with out any huge first payment other than doc + first month + registration

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Wear and tear is assessed and charged by the dealer? For some reason I thought that was managed on the corporate level. I guess I hadn’t realized you could get multiple quotes from different dealers on lease turn in. That alone deserves its own forum.

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Yup, done by the lease end team internally. Technically there is a guideline that everyone has to follow, but if Bob at X store sees a scratch and Jim at Y store does not see it, then that’s human error and it could save you a pretty penny.

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Agreed, I think I might have to Uber it to the other dealership. $350 is where I’d like to be but not sure if anyone has gotten that on a 2018 X1.

Yeah some dealerships have a person, certified by corporate, checking returns – not sure their title but I called corporate to get the exact contact at my dealership.

I get that I’m responsible. Months leading up to the overage, the salesperson made it seem as though they can waive it somehow but now I’ve got the true story. Completely my fault but more the reason why I’m looking for the best deal to offset the $800 I’m about to pay Corporate.

I’m glad you cleared that up, some people are just unreasonable. Good luck


FYI if you can cover the scratch with the size of a business card, it shouldn’t be charged.

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Couple things to point out -

  • Depending on the scratches and marks, many car washes have a lease return special where they do a complete cleaning of the car, wash, wax, buff, etc. I’ve had this done for several friends and the “scratches” that they were going to get charged for, magically never happened. Scratches can be superficial and can be cleared with a good buff and wax. I suggest possibly looking into that.
  • I’ve always taken the “firm” with a grain of salt. Dealers always have room, question is if they want to move or not.
  • Never put any money down, roll everything into the lease. (no down payments)

In looking at your deals above - deal 2 is obviously better as mentioned before, you are getting the base MF. The RV is 3% less then deal 1, what are the current miles on the car? Also, if you can, look outside our area and see what else is available. It maybe worth travelling a few hours to get a better deal.

Good Luck.

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This only makes sense if your MF is low

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Where would you say a sensible cutoff would be to call it “low enough”?

Aren’t they talking “money down” as in CCR? Because I’d never put money down for that, regardless of MF.