BMW X1 Lease Evaluation (First Post)



Long time reader. This is my first time posting. After reviewing other posts, I started to negotiate a lease. I am negotiating a lease on a 2020 BMW X1 Loaner. The MF is .00118 and the RV is 53.88% (I assume this is after an adjustment for the Demo Car Mileage – will follow up). The MF matches what Edmunds is providing.

The attached quote is currently at 510-519 per month for 36 months, 36,000 miles. Currently at 16.7% off MSRP. I could not get the calculator to match up with the attached quote.

There is an add on for a shadowmark which I will try to get removed. Does the corporate sales program apply to loaners? Please let me know how this deal looks. Thank you for your time.

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Hey Frank,

I’ve been looking at X1’s for months so I believe I can help. A couple things:

  1. Residual is a little off. I believe base residual for 12k is 55% ($24,464 in your case), and therefore adjusted residual at 2141 miles should be should be $24,054 (54.077%). Ask them to confirm the odometer mileage, because they are adjusting the residual as if there are exactly 2500 miles on the car (they might be doing this short-hand as an estimate, but this difference is about 100 bucks over the life of the lease)

My calculations are based on the following math from the BMW leasing wiki, but feel free to check my work:

  1. Based on over 10+ quotes this month, the fact that you got base MF and 16.7% pre-incentive is pretty good. Most dealers I spoke with were offering good discounts on loaners (15-18%) but would not offer base MF. Half of them ghosted me after asking to move off max MF markup. Go figure.

  2. As for the calculator, I think you forgot to change the dealer/state fees to $1,249. I would also ask them for a breakdown of these fees so you can determine how much is the dealer/doc fee and what exact state fees they are including. The residual can be matched by putting 2500 for the mileage

Based on my math, I think you should be right at 500 bucks/month with no money down here. On a well-optioned (44.5k) X1 with ~2000 miles, I think this is pretty good in this climate, considering what looks to be high dealer fees and taxes for your state.

As to whether this is a leasehackr X1 deal, the answer is plainly no (trust me this is frustrating as I’m dealing with the same issues myself). Total lease cost on your deal looks to be in the 17k range which is fine for June 2020, but not when comparing with previous deals listed on the forum, where zero DAS lease payments can be found for 400 and total lease costs well below 15k (I’ve seen as low as 12k). Probably one of the worst months in the last year to be buying an X1, and according to some broker intel/rumblings I’ve seen on here, it may get worse next month, but who knows!!

Summary: This is a good start. Clarify the residual and fees and report back. Also consider MSDs if you can/want


Hope you took this deal. Lease cash has essentially disappeared on X1s in July.