Bmw windshield crack. Non OEM windshield


The windshield in my BMW was cracked and needs to be replaced. My insurance will not pay for an OEM windshield and is using one of comparable quality. Will BMW charge me when I turn the car in?

I have had leases before and typically they are very liberal with the turn in process. Let me know if anyone has had experience l. Thanks

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No they use 3rd party to do windshields so I wouldn’t worry about it. Just make sure it works with HU unit if you have one.

Search here on “BMW windshield” although results are somewhat ambiguous.

Are they paying for OEM-like made by the same manufacturer (PPG or Piklington) or are they doing a true aftermarket one? The former is fine the latter may not be accepted.

They are using aftermarket…

Multiple GMs told me it’s ok, this was coming from bmw GMs. Just made sure the HUD works

“Replacement windshield that meets manufacturer’s specifications (i.e. Rain Sensing, Head Up Display)”

Sounds like aftermarket is fine, as long as everything works, just get it inspected prior and see what the charge will be.

I had a similar issue with a previously-leased 5 series and was unable to find a reliable answer online. To make a long story short, I ended up with an OEM replacement.

If OP wants to be sure, get the oem but will your insurance let you pay the diff between aftermarket and oem glass?

Now that doesn’t mean you definitely won’t need another windshield replacement again before turn-in…

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