BMW wheel corrosion(?)

I have to admit that I have a few curb rashes (one being quite severe). But, is it normal that the area adjacent to the BMW logo is rusting/corroding as shown in the photos? (the vehicle has only about 30k miles on it and is less than 3yo)

I took the vehicle to a wheel repair shop that told me that this doesn’t seem normal and that it might be covered under the warranty. Did anyone on the forum experience the same problem?

Thank you for your time in advance!

Maybe just me, but one of your wheels looks like it has so many balancing weights on it.

As for the corrosion, maybe go to a BMW-specific forum since they might be able to better answer that.

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I’m fairly positive BMW has a 12 year unlimited mileage rust/corrosion warranty. Take into to the dealership, there’s a chance they might replace it under warranty. That’s really not supposed to happen.

It’s almost /r/justrolledintotheshop status

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Did you use anything harsh to recently clean your wheels?

Looks like your wheels were very dirty for a long time and had accumulated caked on brake dust and then you just decided to clean them in one shot. (I can tell by the caked on dust in the corners of the spokes)

Wheels that are cleaned regularly don’t look like this. Certainly the brake dust wouldn’t be hard etc.

Taking the vehicle to the service today so I will be updating the post later.

Nothing harsh/sharp used to clean the wheels. I did clean them in one shot for photos.

I admit that I don’t regularly clean my wheels, but does that justify getting corrosion like this? This is my third lease (all in NYC), and I never had this issue with the other cars…

Please keep us updated. My 335xi winter wheels are doing the same around the centers.