BMW - What are demos / courtesy loaners?

Hi guys, I’m currently trying to lease a BMW M340i, but also wondering what are the differences between a new BMW vs a demos / courtesy loaners? When I view these cars on the site, the courtesy loaners usually have a massive discount on them. I assume they were loaner cars… but at the same time the mileage on the car is only like 5-10 miles. So are these new cars or have they been used? Or I’m not seeing the actual real mileage of the car?

Correct. They are service loaners or demo models used by the dealership executives

Some dealer websites have previous photos of those cars when they were put in service. Hence the mileage shows so low. Always best to ask for current mileage to be sure when u are negotiating your deal.

There’s a great leasing 101 article covering this information:

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Missing a few things. Generally loaners get more manufacturer money.

Brass hats can be good but are harder to find. A few dealers (pacific bmw) tend to grab a lot of these brass hats.

Demos (driven by dealer principal/GM) typically get no manufacturer money and the dealer has to eat the miles…which most of the time yields a worse deal.

In my experience, best deals were on brand new or ex-loaner. Brass hats sometimes have cool configs like my infamous GT

Dealers usually include all incentives in the final sale price. Your best bet when looking at demos vs loaners is to focus on the pre-incentive dealer discount.

You also want to know what the original MSRP is for the vehicle. Some dealer websites don’t state the original MSRP, just the “Sale Price.”

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That is beyond frustrating, especially for us, when we’re trying to figure out what a car will cost for a client! It’s also annoying when they don’t list options.