BMW third party lease buyout


I know this topic was discussed before
but I have a leased M3CS that I want to sell , so my BMW dealer told me that they" meaning BMW dealers " are the only one that can buy it , and things have changed 6 weeks ago ,
which I know it was discussed here in detail that third party can’t get direct quote from BMWFS , and the lessee has to get the quote , but after that process is smooth and any third party can buy leased car
I told manager that and he insisted it is not the case , that third party can’t buy BMW leases anymore
so I am just double checking , as I was going to shop my car around

Was this a dealer that also wanted to offer you significantly less than third party banks are willing to pay?

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we did not talk numbers yet, I know he is wrong but I just want a clarification from the group

I sold my BMW to Carvana last week. The only thing that has changed is they wont give Dealer payoff directly to the dealer. You will have to obtain it and send to dealer.

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As Sabros mentioned, you are able to sell your BMW to third parties. I sold my Z4 M40i to Carmax three weeks ago.

Call BMWFS, ask for your buyout, clarify it is for a third party, and they will send you an email you may forward to Carmax, Carvana, or anyone else willing to buyout your lease (as long as they fall under these groups).

Good luck. Per my experience, the dealer didnt even look at my car and said it had negative equity. Walked away with 3500 from Carmax.


this is what I thought, so thank you guys for clarification

Sold my z4 to Algo last week! Did a 3way call with bmwfs and algo rep for payoff thats it $6k In positive equity

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How strange, LOL!

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