🥇 BMW Specials California ~ LEGENDS AUTO GROUP ~

CALIFORNIA ONLY, NorCal residents must pick up in SoCal or have their car shipped (Usually $400)
Please contact when you are ready to go, not 3 months in advance…
Some of the most aggressive BMW deals in California, many people here have shopped us and know we’re the plug :electric_plug:
All Fees Included in Pricing Listed, NOTHING ADDITIONAL

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the thread for our most current deals
New Cars:

Paul 818-434-8063 or Gor 424-278-8216
No games, no gimmicks


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Sent 202020.

From @EricLee down (@who8me2k7, @aslaja, @bayarob, @rampage, @skyline31518, @rxgc, @WSM, @mattyfo0z, @xslash10x) message me or text one of us if you want the link. I’m capped out on messages.

@damiano @Jerry.e90m3, @Caleb_Cheung, @blschaefer1, @bmw4, @abovela

@Lejjvi @WSMC Please PM me so I can respond with link

Everyone that has asked should have the link, if I missed you please PM

Don’t have X7 in the spreadsheet, I’m working those case-by-case. Please text me with options/packages/colors you want and I’ll work it out

PM me please

Added M4CS, that’s a ton of car for the money

Note: If you have to ask your wife for the M4CS, please do so before contacting :joy:


Updated spreadsheet with rounded drive off amounts for everything, makes it easier to read

Please PM, can’t send PM’s right now, can only respond

Should be able to send links again.

Sent to all, please reach out again if you haven’t received the link

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In your inbox!

I see you’re in Florida… We do not do deals outside of California.

Links sent to everyone else!

just interested in what kinda deals were going on. Thanks anyways

All PM’s/email/text responded to, please let me know if I missed your request

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Yes you can because our names are similar
Nice to meet you Igor, my name is Gor :joy:

Should have gotten everybody, please reach out again if I missed you

On another note, first G20 delivered to a forum member this afternoon!