Question about Selling Price vs MSRP

Hey all,

Long time lurker, finally prepping to pull the trigger on a lease after evaluating tons and tons of info and comps from this forum.

I am confused about one thing though, which is what should I be considering MSRP vs Selling Price to calculate my discount when evaluating a demo/loaner car. In my specific case, I’m looking at a lightly used car (2k miles), that the dealer claims isn’t a demo/loaner but was actually returned after 2k miles. The Dealer is selling it for 52k, the original MSRP off brand new was 62k - so is that considered a ~16% discount off MSRP, or should i be looking at the dealers website listed price of 52k as the MSRP and be trying to get a bit more off that?

I’m sure this has been asked again, but even after reading a bunch I was hoping someone could clear confusion I am still having. Thanks!

If it’s returned it shouldn’t be able to be leased as it’s already titled? Trusteds can you confirm?

If it was “unwound” then it can still be leased.

When calculating your lease, you are still using the original MSRP as your starting point for the calculator. What make and model? That will give us a good idea if $10k off is a fair deal or not.

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Are you leasing or buying? If a lease, is it using new car programs or a used car/cpo program?

Leasing, but they said it doesn’t qualify for new lease incentives such as Loyalty

Gotcha. So then it isn’t an unwound car, it’s a used car. That changes a lot of things as to what you’re comparing against, as the lease terms are likely to be significantly worse, so you can’t really treat it as a demo.

Are there concerns there? There is something weird about the terms he is telling me, but i have yet to recieve an actual breakdown sheet.
2020 x3 m40i
7 MSD @ 4900
700 DAS - First month, Doc fee (said he can waive the doc fee)
He said it included all taxes and fees. I don’t believe it.

Have you priced out a new one? What new incentives would you qualify for? So you have BMW loyalty?

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Curious why? The only color/equipment combo you want available anywhere, or did you think it would be a deal because it comes with drama?

Unless it’s the only pink one with polka dotted seats and an ejector seat in the US that you absolutely must have, why not see what deal you can get on a new one?

This broker has one listed for like 530. Not sure if you checked marketplace at all

I am in talks with that same broker, he so far as given the best deal (i think) - lower monthly but higher upfront costs - hence my reasoning for this post, trying to figure out if there’s a better deal to be had with this other car (which is now seemingly like a bad idea given its used status).

I also used one other broker from this site who gave quoted an all around worse deal as well.

its hard to figure out what’s what when nobody wants to give you a breakdown, any tips on getting them?

You can figure out the better deal fairly easily. If the upfront costs are 2000 (or whatever they are) just divide that by the length of your lease (probably 36 months) and add that to the monthly lease amount. The total lease cost over 36 months is more important the the monthly amount.

Even with the said $2,500 upfront cost you’re overall cheaper by a good chunk and still under $600/mo.

Otherwise search you’re entire area for dealers that may have demos and see what they can do on discount prior to incentives. I’d say a big downside to this deal is no additional incentives. whereas you’d get them with a real demo or new vehicle.

Yeah… I actually gave him a higher MSRP for almost the same price.


Hi Paul :slight_smile: just doing my due dillegence - dont mind me.

Anyways, my original question was really just trying to figure out what you should be trying to negotiate when working with a dealer directly in terms of what is the real MSRP is if they’ve already knocked the sticker price (but in this case seems like its a moot point because its not a “new” car ?)

Yeah, it’s an unwound car, not a new or demo, not eligible for lease cash, loyalty, conquest, or anything. It is moot, especially if Paul is willing to get you one for so much less with more options.