BMW Sold a Lot of Cars Last Year

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You’re welcome.

  1. BMW
  2. LEXUS
  4. AUDI
  5. ACURA
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Imagine how many more cars BMW would have sold if they didn’t go super grill on everything


impressive didn’t expect they’d win this year.

I never understand how Acura/Lexus/Infiniti are always on the “luxury” list and Volvo is not.


Volvo is. They did 109k and actually went UP YoY.


The article states Lincoln had 105k sales. It is weird they included Lincoln at 105k sales and not volvo at 109k. Not questioning you, I trust you a whole lot more than it is just unclear why the omitted Volvo.


Listicle also omitted Tesla, which sold 204K cars in the US.

It’s debatable whether their cars are “luxury” but they’re certainly priced like luxury. And lease penetration of only ~10%.


And Honda CR-V sales alone

2020 323,502

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One of the most boring and practical cars out their.

Infiniti made the coveted Top 10, so they have that going for them :).

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IDK why any “luxury” brand cares about this crown

I can tell you Porsche does not care at all since it will ruin their exclusiveness. BMW, Audi, and MB on the other hand care because they want to market their product as the best luxury brand and sales numbers will demonstrate that.


My 2021 Prediction: AUDI is probably going to be losing a customer to BMW.

Audi sells almost 50,000 e-tron electric SUVs in 2020.

Maybe they can start double counting because of the grill is much bigger now.

TBH I’m surprised Lexus is still doing so well. I know their sales are down but their SUV’s are so aged at this point. They need a new NX and RX ASAP!