BMW Shipping from SLP Mexico to NY Port

I placed an order for my first BMW in August and it was built remarkably quick. I know shipping is the longest part of the wait but I was curious to the routing from Mexico to the NY/NJ Port.

I was able to find a lot of info on other forums but I was hoping someone had more specifics from a recent similar shipment. It’s my understanding cars for the East Coast move from Veracruz, Mexico to the US Port (NY/NJ in my case).

Based off that I determined the most likely carrier would be KLine, but when I checked their upcoming schedule the Newark Port is marked “SKIP” through November. NYK and Wallenius seem to sail to Baltimore instead.

Again, I know I have some time, just looking for more info. Thanks!

Baltimore is plausible POE for BMW.

The schedules available on public portions of the lines’ websites are not reliable or final.


BMW Genius should give you the vessel name and you can track it here:


Thanks. There do seem to be many more ship routes through Baltimore, but my order sheet shows NYPOA, so I’m assuming it’s going there.

I’ll give it another week and call if the website doesn’t update. I’m more or less just bored and anxious.

Im actually the harbor pilot who brings in and docks the ships in the port of NY/NJ including the car carriers.
BMW typically uses Wallenius Lines and BMW’s are offloaded in Bayonne NJ.


Thanks Frank.

WW actually has two ships loading in Veracruz this week. They both transship in Panama onto another (same) vessel that goes to NY.

Hopefully I get on one of those although they transhipment adds extra time. It seems in general there’s more direct routes to Baltimore.

It depends where your dealer is located.

When you get the name of the ship, it will be named after operas if its Wallenius and not Whilhelmsen ( the 2 carriers merged), let me know. Ill have on our NY vessel due arrival list.
If i have her ill send you pics ! Lol

That might be kinda cool!

If my detective work is accurate it’ll load on the Arc Resolve or Asian Dynasty then transfer to the Tijuca in Panama before heading to NJ.

The icon on the BMW website changed to the actual colors of my build today which I’ve read sometimes is a good sign. Hopefully!

Shes headed to Panama now off the coast of Baja

Well I was wrong about the ship but right about the timing!

I’m on the Viking Queen (Hoegh Autoliners) with an ETA of 9/29. I’m able to track the ship but can’t find any publicly posted schedule. I’m assuming it will run the typical US East Coast ports.

BMW on Hoegh ?
Hmm. Ok. They are the other Swedish carrier. Lol
My “Summary Due List” is only showing arrivals to 9/21 so far.

I was surprised to see Hoegh also. Everything I read said WW most frequently and NYK or KLine occasionally.

Ironically I sent a container to the Maher Terminal today for the OOCL Korea on your list. Driver showed up with almost no fuel in the genset for the reefer lol.

Oh no ! Lol
That Texas Highway you see due on the 20th is K Line. Car carrier with mostly Toyota.
I am on call the 29th so Ill keep you posted on your Beemers arrival in port.

It’s on a vehicle carrier now. Ordered 8/10 on the ship 9/15 with an ETA to New York of 9/29. If there’s no issues with parts should spend a few days at the processing center then go to the dealer.

There’s a few really elaborate posts on bimmerpost about the shipping / tracking if you’re interested.

Frank any idea if Viking Queen has an updated ETA to New York?

My build order shows NY (Jersey) as the port but the ship went to Philadelphia and next shows Baltimore next (I can only see next destination). It seems odd to go North to Philadelphia, only to head South to Baltimore then North again to NY.

I’m wondering if due to port congestion in NY it was just changed to Baltimore. Guess I’ll call tomorrow and see if they have that info.

She is not on our due list as of yet Dennis.
I wouldn’t think it’s congestion as the auto berths are open.

Thanks for checking. I’ll call the genius line today I’m wondering if the port was just wrong on my built sheet.


I boarded the Heritage Leader (NYK) tonight inbound for Newark. Definitely no slow down here in regards to car carriers Den.


I have an updated ETA to Port Jersey of 10/6

See ya soon!!