BMW related: Should I replace the run flat tires now?

Last time I leased a 5 series, I ended up transferring the lease 18,000 miles in so I didn’t worry about replacing the tires.

Since I might keep this one for a little longer, I was thinking of replacing the run flats with regular tires for better handling, smoother ride and longer tread life. Then before lease is up depending on the tire wear, i can put the run flats back on.

What has everyone’s experience been with the stock run flats? How long do they last?

No idea how long run flats last. But why buy tires you don’t need and then store other ones.

When some knucklehead steals the damn thing and drives it into a quarry, you’re stuck with a set of buns in the garage you don’t want or need.


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I won’t go out of my way to buy tires preemptively but if I spy a hot deal on a used inspection-passing set I won’t hesitate to pick them up just in case.

I don’t know how early you’re in, but for my last 2 BMW’s I switch to all-season non-run flats about 2-4k miles in… run those for most of the lease. Then I put the run-flats back on for about the last 7-8k miles.


I am at 2200 miles. I am not liking these tires at all.

Car doesn’t feel firm on the ground. I want more grip. They slide easily.

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I run the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ Y rated non run flats. They’re amazing. You’ll want to order directly from your dealer or use an independent third party shop as they technically don’t have a Star on them. My dealer happily installed them and said they’re more deserving of a star than most of the ones that have one. As long as the ones you return the car with have the star, no one will care!

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Those came with my 5. Soooo smooth and super grippy…if they would fit on my 4 (19” 704’s) i’d swap em over!

Daang, almost $300 per tire and they are not good? My whole set was cheaper. Try finding good used tires and ride them until bold. Then suffer for a bit on oem tires until the end of the lease.

They came with the car. I wouldn’t put run flat tires on any cars. Screw that.

I am probably going to get the Michelin A/S 3+ in a few months after I see how the tread wear is doing on the continentals. I am pretty sure the current tires won’t last till the end of the lease so might as well enjoy better tires during the lease and then throw these back on before the lease is up.

This is exactly what i just did. Rft suck and they’re expensive. Going to have fun for the next 20k not worrying about tread life.

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Which ones did you end up switching to? These are the ones I am considering. I have the newer version of the pilot super sports (the 4S) on the 911…and those tires STICK. Tread life though…lol.

Ultra High Performance Summer:
Michelin Pilot Super Sport - $225, 30K mileage warranty

Ultra High Performance All Season:
Michelin A/S 3+ - 236$, 45K mileage warranty

Grand Touring All Season
Continental ProContact LS, $208, 70K warranty
Yokohama AVID - $210, 65K warranty

I went with firestone firehawk indy 500 from tirerack. Just installed Thursday. Best/most reviews I’ve read for a $120 performance tire.

Cant wait to see how they do. Great looking tread pattern as well.

It’s $178 for Size: 245/40R19 and no mileage warranty.

Man, thats a big diff for just 20mm. Mine were 127 each, but i picked them up so they were 117 + tax for me.

Warranty didn’t matter to me, if i cant get 20k something is wrong…

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My take is: if you want different tires, get it. If you don’t, you can always buy a used sufficient tread runflat when the lease is up if they ding you on the inspection.

Should t cost you more than 75 a tire used. Just make sure it’s the right rating. And I think front and back need to be a set.