BMW rebate and money factor?

Hello Hackrs.
I’m currently looking to lease a 2020 BMW X1 but unable to receive correct rebate and base money factor from the dealer.
After doing some research, I believe I’m qualified for $3000 rebate including $1750 BMW lease credit, $750 conquest and $1000 OL code($500 for dealer and $500 for me). However, one dealer gave me $2500 rebate and another dealer only gave me $2000 rebate. They both said the conquest and OL code are already included in the discount. How can I push for correct rebate? I thought discount off MSRP is from dealers and rebate is from BMW. Is it correct?
The discount they offer seems great~ 12% while the money factor is really high~ 0.00168. The money factor is still 0.00133 if I put max MSD. How can I push for base money factor 0.00128? I mentioned my credit score is 800+ but it didn’t help.

Need your opinions. Thank you.

Where are you located and what build of X1 are you looking at (xDrive or SDrive)? Rebates can vary by region. In a majority of regions, it should be $2,500 for both lease cash and loyalty.

Also, you are likely only get $500 from OL. The other $500 is suppose to be via dealer contribution, thus the discount you are already receiving.

As for MF, push for “buy rate”, which is the .00128. Some dealer may not be willing to lower their marked up MF, and at that point move on.

There are a ton of X1 deals here (new and loaners) to give you a sense of where you need to be. If you still have no luck, just hire a broker here and/or be willing to travel.

They must be including the rebate in the price they are quoting you, that means they are giving you a less dealer discount. So you can either ask for more dealer discount or move on to another dealer.

Or ask them for a breakdown so you can see the details.

Keep reaching out to more dealers until you find one that wants to play ball, verify lease credits in your region on bmw’s site.