BMW protection packages?

I just recently leased a BMW and while finalizing the paperwork the had the protection department or whatever come speak to me. They were trying to push about 6 different protection packages at me adding an additional $150 to the monthly bill. I ended up only going with the Maintenance Package and the Wear & Tear package. Both of those together added an additional $50 to the monthly bill. They were then also trying to push the tire and wheel package on me which would be another $50 a month alone. I ended up saying no to that as she claimed if I were to scrape the rims that would be covered in wear and tear. Was this a good decision not getting the tire and wheel. Would amount to almost $2000 by the end of the lease paying the extra $50 a month.

Check the BMW leasing Wiki.

Did you get the maintenance plus that covers outside of oil changes? Normal service should already be included for 3/36 on BMW (oil changes).


Ask for a refund on the Maintenance Package/Wear & Tear, probably don’t need it, especially since maintenance is included.


Damn so you think I shouldn’t have gotten any of the protection packages ? I tried reading through the bmw wiki but didn’t really see anything on this …

Unless you’re hard on your vehicles I don’t think you need the Wear and Tear. Agree with @joeblogs on the maintenance. I’ve leased 2 BMWs in the last 7 months and neither time did the dealer try to push the Maintenance on me. The finance guy told me he didn’t really see any reason for me to get it. @AverageGuy, I don’t know how much of the additional maintenance you’d need in 3 yrs/36k miles above what BMW already covers as part of the included maintenance package.

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Damn ok thank you, what are your thoughts about the tire and rim ? No need for that as well I hope ! Lol

You do not need it.

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That may depend on where you live. If you’re in an area with bad roads there may potentially be some value in it. I’ve never bought any of it. Kind of a smart a$$ remark here … but … if you can afford a BMW you should be able to pay for a tire/rim if it is damaged…lol

If I mess it up…I pay…lol

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Ok thank you everyone !

What kind of BMW is it? but definitely turn down the maintenance and wear and tear
depending on the type of car 95% shot you can turn down the tire and rim too

It really depends on the tire fitted and where you live. If you live in an area with smooth roads and have a thick tire sidewall, it is probably not necessary. If you live in an area with lots of construction or potholes or have a tire with a thin sidewall (usually 19"+), it might not be a bad idea.

Personally, I would drop the wear/tear and extended maintenance then add the tire and wheel.