BMW out of state leasing

I am seeking to lease a car in another state from CA. I am seeing folks do this, but was just told that “per corporate policy” I have to come to either sign or take delivery. Is this accurate? Tried looking for previous threads, but didn’t seen this specific issue addressed recently. Just want to know before responding…

Thanks much!

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California has restrictive rules on selling cars to out of state buyers when it comes to registration. That is likely the issue

Sorry to clarify, I am based in CA going to another state to buy.

Corporate policy is their company policy, not BMWFS policy. If that’s their policy and you don’t like it, shop elsewhere.

California is one of the most competitive markets in the country, not sure why you would want to go out of state

I hear you. Didn’t get bites initially in the car/deal I wanted. This dealer is doing it for me in a neighboring state. I really would prefer to be in state.

Oh the mystery car, one of my favorites

Good luck registering it.