BMW Ordering and the Dreaded QUALITY CHECK

I recently ordered my BMW 840xi and things have been progressing smoothly and timely until the Quality Check phase (of course). The original completion date was scheduled for Nov. 17th, however when it hit the quality check portion it got delayed to 12/1 (today). I have contacted and spoke with the genius hotline numerous times and below is a general summary of the responses I’ve collected as per BMW genius reps. At the time of this post my myBMW has not shown any updates to its status.

  1. Majority of ordered vehicles get stuck in quality check now for additional part ordering
  2. It’s good that your car has a projected completion date of 12/1 as it means quality check and production will likely complete
  3. When cars are stuck in quality check and don’t have an estimated completion date then things can get significantly delayed

Is this accurate in your experiences? Anyone else stuck in quality check?

There are whole threads on this on Bimmerpost, it’s happening to a lot of people, in some cases people have been told they are doing recalls and retrofits at the factory instead of the port now.

You’ll get your car when you get it, it is what it is, either live with it or move on.

I know that sounds harsh, but I was the same way as you, I’d freak out, acting as though my calling would somehow effect the production of a single vehicle out of thousands in a far away land. Or that knowing what the hold up is makes any difference. I would obsess over this stuff.

I’m telling you for your own good, just drop it, live your life. No amount of action or knowledge on your part will change the day the car arrives.


Few things to keep in mind. myBMW is not always up to date and it depends on the factory/port updating the status and the servers pushing it through. When I was tracking my M4, the internal systems would sometimes be 1-3 days ahead of myBMW. Quality check was by far the longest time but if I remember correctly, it includes more than just “checks” in there. My suggestion is to just chill and wait. There is no amount of calls you can make that will get it there any faster.

As an aside, I think detailed tracking from the factory is the worst idea from manufactures. It just creates unrealistic expectations for the client and a headache on my end when I get calls/emails asking why a car has been at port for 2 days and isn’t being sent via Amazon prime 2-day air freight. Then you can imagine when the car is actually dropped off and the customer wants to pick it up that second but can’t understand that we have the PDI and clean it first.


Use this to see what enhancements code it has that is causing the delay. Mine has been stuck in quality check for almost 3 months now due to not having ram for the audio control module

Means someone put all the emblems on upside down

@ssmith96, that’s just what I needed to hear!

I suspect for most of us it’s more eagerness to get our awaited vehicle than being impatient and demanding. Your post help me put things into perspective so thanks!

That said, I ordered by fully loaded 22 X6 40i xDrive M Sport on 12/17. As of earlier this morning the status indicated it was in Quality Check stage. Over the weekend my CA said it should be in within the next two weeks. I’m super excited. I feel bad for my '16 X5 50i M Sport. It’s going to be in the garage all alone for a few weeks Lol!!!